100% containment and Center-Val de Loire recipe ideas

Why not take advantage of this period of confinement to (re) enter the kitchen? And to avoid going out unnecessarily to buy one or two ingredients (“Damn ! I am missing carob seeds from Lebanon to make this great dessert! “) and thus risk exposing yourself and others to the virus. Would you rather explore your cooking? We bet there are lots of things forgotten – and always consumable! – which can be used to cook good meals.

In Center-Val de Loire, many chefs (and not only) give us ideas for “100% containment recipes”. With a few clicks, tantalizing photos and not-so-complicated ingredient lists. You no longer have any excuse for not getting started! Solo, in love or with small hands who will be happy to help you, you have a priori a little time in front of you.


At the time of confinement, a habit seems to have been kept by many French people: the aperitif! In video, in chat, by phone … as we can no longer enjoy it with friends around a table, practices have necessarily evolved a bit in recent days. Why not also modify the content? Too many crisps kill the crisps. Try to prepare a hummus! The basic ingredient is certainly in one of your cupboards, top left, in dry form or in a jar: chickpeas. Test this recipe from the “third place of Tours” Gaspard Tours. And as a Bonux gift: a dessert idea based on…. chickpeas, again, yes, yes!

A quiche … without dough

Admit it. You bought these frozen spinach to give you a good conscience and without knowing which sauce they would be eaten. Are the kids sulking? Aren’t you sure you want it? La Tourangelle Julie, from the blog “Quand Julie Pâtisse”, offers you a dish quickly made well that will reconcile everyone with this unloved vegetable. Not even need to make a paste! No excuse, we tell you… (It also works with leeks and / or fresh diced salmon, note!)

Soups, soups, soups!

Want to warm up at night? Has your supermarket’s soup department been robbed when containment was announced? Do not panic. This is THE time to do it yourself. The opportunity to use the stored pulses behind the preserves and which you no longer even suspected was in your kitchen. The chefs of “Tours à Table” tell you all about their peasant soup. (Do not hesitate to imagine variants to sell your jars of coral lentils and legumes of all kinds!)

A sweet dessert

You may have already read on our site an article devoted to Christophe Hay, the chef of the restaurants “La maison d’à côté” in Montlivault (Loir-et-Cher), Côté Bistrot (also in Montlivault) and ” The table next door “in Ardon (Loiret). When he doesn’t answer questions from our journalists, he posts videos of recipes with his little daughter! Both explain to you how to make an ultra-regressive dessert of which you most certainly have the ingredients at home: a wheat semolina with caramelized apples. No semolina at home or prey to refractories? Try a rice pudding version! Have you peeled too many apples? Bake them with cinnamon, sugar and butter (salted, butter).

Choco madeleines for afternoon tea

Want to prepare homemade snacks for the children who are also under house arrest? Do you have dozens of different molds and some still have the price tag? We bet that among your arsenal is the famous madeleines mold. That’s good, the jocondienne chef Juliette Camatta offers you a chewy chocolate version ! The icing on the cake: thanks to this recipe, you will now know that “it’s the thermal shock that will allow the bump to form well “. Because madeleines without bumps, it’s sad. No more annoying questions (“Are they financiers?“) and the crying of children (“Isn’t there a bump? I do not want it ! Yes N !“).

The sweet potato in the spotlight

Oops! We forgot the breakfast! Note, this recipe can also be used as a snack, it all depends on what you put on it. Pancakes with… sweet potato! Yes, yes, this hunchbacked vegetable that starts to crumble in the bottom of your fridge (by the way, take it out immediately, there is nothing to do in the fridge, this vegetable). He will bring a naturally sweet note to your dough. And there, it is neither a chef nor a restaurant that gives you its exclusive recipe, but Ana-Maria Filip, a basketball player from Tango Bourges Basket! With all that, no doubt: this period of confinement should be much more sweet. Go on hop! All in the kitchen!