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A cookbook inspired by the Friends series

You always wondered what was special about the Ross sandwich so that he gets kicked out of the university when it is stolen? Thanks to this cookbook inspired by the cult series Friends, you will quickly find out.

Friends’ recipe book

16 years after the end of the Friends series, the show continues to fascinate its fans around the world. The main ingredient of the series, these are the 6 main characters of course. But many cult episodes of Friends have another essential element in common, gastronomy, and also take place in the kitchen.

What inspire the chef and author Amanda Yee, who decided to bring together in a unique cookbook more than 100 recipes seen in the series. The Friends: The Official Cookbook will be released on September 22 and is already in pre-order on Amazon.

A caveat however, the book currently only exists in the English version. You will therefore have to convert the units of measurement in order to keep correct proportions.

Mythical recipes from Friends

Among the recipes offered in the book, some have become legendary. We can for example learn to fully realize a Thanksgiving meal Monica way. Other recipes that are even central in episodes: the recipe for cookies from Phoebe’s grandmother, or that of the cheesecake that Rachel and Chandler steal from their neighbor.

You can also make the dessert completely missed by Rachel, the English diplomat, in a version without minced meat, peas and onions.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have the talents of Monica in the kitchen, the book also offers simple recipes for those who like to eat first. You can make the fries that Joey does not share, or the Ross’s turkey sandwich.