Strawberry gazpacho with lemon mousse.
Strawberry gazpacho with lemon mousse. (BERNARD BACH)

At Saint-Jacques well, the restaurant in Pujaudran in the Gers, once a relay for pilgrims on the road to Compostela, Bernard Bach, his wife Anne in the dining room, and his nephew William Candelon who took over the stoves have always worked in a spirit of both conviviality and of excellence. Work rewarded, and this was the case again this year, by the famous two Michelin stars, but also the three toques Gault and Millau.

Originally from Tarn-et-Garonne, this inventive chef has traveled quite a bit, before a remarkable visit to Corsica and the successful relaunch of the Puits-Saint-Jacques. The restaurant reopened in mid-June. During the confinement, he had offered hundreds of meals to Toulouse caregivers.

Bernard Bach never lacks resources. He especially likes to share his work. Proof of his excellence, a foreign airline had called on him for the menus of its business and first class. Bernard Bach seeks above all to promote products from the South. He also knows how to combine land and sea, or to decorate certain dishes with spices brought back from a few trips. Above all, he keeps the memory of the dishes that perfumed his childhood, at his parents’ hotel-restaurant in Cazes-Mondenard. At the height of the red fruit season, here he is concocting a fresh dessert, a strawberry and raspberry gazpacho (recipe below).

All of Bernard Bach’s cuisine is in his image, accessible and tasty. And the chef insisted, with his beautiful accent: “It’s not stuffy here, it’s generous!” A slogan used at the Puits-Saint-Jacques by his nephew William Candelon.

Ingredients for six :

250 g of strawberries (100 g for the coulis and 150 g for the garnish), 100 g of raspberries, 50 g of blackcurrant seeds or blackcurrant puree, 1/2 lemon juice, 4 gelatin sheets of 2 gr, 6 fresh mint leaves, 6 heads of mint, 20 cl of water, 50 g of sugar, 1 vanilla ice cream.

Preparation :

Boil the water and the sugar, add the mint leaves and let cool. Soften the gelatin sheets in cool water then drain them.

Wash then stem 100 g of strawberries and set aside in a bowl. Add the raspberries and blackcurrant. Remove the mint leaves from the infusion and pour it over the fruit mixture, add the lemon juice. Mix everything and pass through a Chinese cheesecloth.

Heat (without boiling) about 15 cl of this gazpacho, melt the gelatin in it then mix with the rest of the gazpacho.

Pour about 60 g of gazpacho at the bottom of each ramekin, then set aside in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours to harden the jelly.

Prepare the lemon yogurt mousse: mix with a whisk 3 dcl of cream, 1 dcl of whole milk, 30 g of sugar and 30 g of vanilla sugar in a bowl. Place in a siphon with two gas cartridges then set aside in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you can use a ready-made Chantilly cream.

To dress, cut the remaining 150 g of fresh strawberries in half, place them in a circle in each glass of cold gazpacho. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center of the circle. Cover the ice cream with siphon milk foam, garnish with a sprig of mint.

You can accompany this dessert with madeleines.