A month around screening and prevention

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Like every year, “Mars Bleu” is an opportunity for the Awareness Committee for Cancer Screening in Aveyron to propose several actions to encourage everyone to get tested and improve their lifestyle to fight against colorectal cancer.

Each year, more than 43,000 people in France are affected by colorectal cancer or colorectal cancer (including approximately 23,000 men and 200 women). Above all, it is responsible for more than 17,000 deaths per year.

However, if detected early enough, colorectal cancer can be cured in nine out of ten cases. So, as every year, the Awareness Committee for Cancer Screening in Aveyron is organizing Operation Blue Mars. A nationwide operation.

Laurence Michelutti, doctor and president of the departmental committee, explains: Detecting this cancer is now easier thanks to the immunological test. A quick test, to do at home. Tests that can be picked up in pharmacies in the department.

A screening that is aimed at women and men, aged 50 to 74. Every two years, everyone is invited to discuss colorectal cancer screening with their doctor. But only 30% of Aveyronnais solicited carry out a screening, 33% at the national level.

Five-year survival exceeds 90%, cancer is detected

Regular monitoring, which is all the more necessary since colorectal cancer often develops, initially, with no discernible symptoms or signs. It is therefore sometimes diagnosed late and then requires heavy treatment. Regular screening therefore makes it possible to identify this cancer at an early stage of its development, or even to detect and treat polyps before they progress to cancer. And when spotted, that is, it is relatively small and has not spread far from its point of origin, five-year survival exceeds 90%. The treatments used are lighter and allow a better quality of life.

Based on this premise, the heads of the Departmental Committee for Cancer Screening call, “ to stay in good health, a balanced diet combined with regular physical activity.

Thus, on the occasion of the Blue March, several events are proposed: for the first time, the Departmental Committee joined in the 14th edition of the famous hike Traces du fromage, on March 8.

Daily physical activity reduces the risk of developing many chronic diseases, including cancer, assures Laurence Michelutti. It’s a way to limit weight gain, another risk factor for cancer. In addition, the beneficial effects of physical exercise are also convincing during and after the treatment of cancer.

Everyday recipe

In another time, this time in connection with food, a pastry workshop is organized for seniors and children with Noémie Honiat, chef of the restaurant Univers at Villefranche-de-Rouergue. Wednesday, March 4 at 3:30 p.m. “ everyone is invited to come and share a moment around the kitchen, a moment between grandparents and grandchildren, underlines Marie Rouget, coordinator with the Departmental Committee.

And then, as in previous times, a cooking competition is organized around the theme: Sweet or savory citrus. This year, the final will take place at Collège Paul-Ramadier with chef Cédric Gaston, from the Auberge de Valady, Tuesday March 10 at 5 p.m. The idea is to offer a recipe that can be easily reproduced on a daily basis and whose cost does not exceed 5 €. We must also use seasonal products and ensure the balance of the plate, explains Laurence Michelutti.

Finally, the heads of the Awareness Committee will hold a stand at the thermal baths of Cransac, Tuesday March 17 from 9 am to noon, to inform and offer events around cancer prevention.

Registration for the cooking competition and the pastry workshop can be done by email: comite12.depistage.cancers@gmail.com or by phone 06 18 44 25 03. More information on the Facebook page Awareness Committee.

“It is not a question of disrupting your daily life, nor of radically changing your lifestyle, but rather of gradually introducing new habits: taking the stairs, walking a little longer. Children also need to move more, it will benefit them for later. We have become too sedentary. A physical activity of 30 minutes a day is strongly recommended.

Laurent Michelutti, doctor and head of the Awareness Committee for Cancer Screening in Aveyron.