A new culinary association emerges from the pignata: Authentic Niçoise cuisine. Association created under the wooden spoon of L’Authentique Pizzeria. A structure which will offer culinary courses à la Niçoise and events, whose charitable purpose will be successful.

Like this pan-bagnat operation last month, at the end of which, 300 tantalizing sandwiches from Nice were sold to individuals for the benefit of the works of the Léo Club Comté de Nice. A check for 1,400 euros was thus given to the service club to offer reading lights to children.

At the origin of this delicious idea: Aurélien Maiolino, former manager of the Nice cuisine collective and Steeve Bonnet, owner of the restaurants L’Authentique pizzeria, 15, boulevard Auguste-Raynaud and 3, avenue Sainte-Colette.

Other partners got involved. Thus, Jean-Marc Bordonnat, master baker, rue Barla, provided the bread. The free association of pan-bagnat, chaired by Bruno Pardo, validated the choice of ingredients, including vegetables from producers in the Nice region.

Vegetables cut and prepared in the presence of chef Stéphane Busetto from the restaurant Le Pointu, in Cagnes-sur-Mer. The Alziari house, oil mill of the Madeleine, offered the caillettes, famous black olives of the soil and of course, the oil to surround the round delicacies with gold, accompanied by 300 Nissarda beer offered by Sting 18.

Each vehicle in the delivery convoy carried the flag of the Nissart County distributed by the Kalu Nissa accessories store, rue de la Préfecture.

“A true manifestation of generosity, solidarity and above all of sharing in accordance with what represented Nice cuisine “, comments Aurélien Maiolino, now president of the new culinary association, also bringing together Steeve Bonnet, secretary and Fabien Gombaud, treasurer.