Adrien from “Top Chef” has ignited viewers with this recipe

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Top Chef candidate Adrien Cachot ignited viewers with a medieval flambadou.

TELEVISION – From the very start of this eleventh season of Top Chef, the candidate Adrien Cachot delights chefs and viewers as much by his detached personality as by the originality of his culinary proposals.

Nothing seems to impress this follower of tripe products with imperturbable phlegm, not even the test of the “culinary show” before a jury of eight star chefs.

Objective: tell the story of a dish in front of this parterre of great figures of the kitchen and perform a live demonstration, preferably spectacular.

To meet these complicated specifications, the ultimate survivor of the brigade chef Paul Pairet opted for oysters and foie gras with a dash of bacon … melted in flambadou.

Does the word mean anything to you? Many indeed discovered during this Wednesday’s broadcast the flambadou, or flamboir, a medieval iron utensil that is heated with a hot iron to sprinkle its dishes with fat. Rather used to decorate grilled meats, flambadou was therefore associated by Adrien with noble products. The whole question being: were the flames going to burst out when serving for the “culinary show”. Demonstration.

“He set the scene on fire!”, Triple star chef Paul Pairet got excited over the performance of his foal.

Obviously, this spectacular demonstration did not go unnoticed by viewers who were directly inspired by it on social networks … in their own way.

Without disclosing anything, it should be noted that Adrien’s performance did not only appeal to viewers. And he’s still in the running to try to make it to the culinary show’s semifinal.

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