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“All in the kitchen”: Julia Vignali’s son saves her mother’s panic-stricken recipe: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

That’s it… All in the kitchen, it’s over: Cyril Lignac returns his apron. Friday, June 12, 2020, the chef will present the latest program from his special containment culinary program. And for this last week of broadcasting, the guests were not all unanimous … Joyce Jonathan annoyed internet users, Adil Rami was accused of racism after a bad joke, while Jean-Marie Bigard created a new controversy with his t-shirt. So this Thursday, June 11, M6 sent heavy to satisfy the viewers. It must be said that the episode of the day was rich in twists and turns. The most memorable moment? When Stéphane Plaza came to Cyril Lignac’s place and sowed a mess directly! But the famous real estate agent was not there to get behind the stove. This time it’s Julia Vignali who took on the role of guest star.

Luigi and Kad Merad to the rescue

Come and reproduce the gourmet recipes of the day, namely marinated fish with citrus fruits and Japanese pearls with bananas, the host of Best pastry chef didn’t expect to have that much trouble! To prepare her dessert, Julia Vignali started by mixing coconut milk, with vanilla, sugar and water. According to the chef’s instructions, this mixture was then poured into an ice water bath. Unfortunately for Cyril Lignac’s acolyte, she was wrong ! Julia Vignali put the ice cubes directly into the mixture… Unaccustomed to cooking, the host immediately panicked. Damn it !”, she exclaimed in a desperate cry. Completely lost, she saw only one solution: to call for help.

It was therefore her son Luigi, 13, who came to help her. The young teenager not only caught up with his mother’s mistake, but found himself alone in the kitchen! Indeed, Cyril Lignac made fun of Julia Vignali’s agitation a few seconds earlier: “Julia! Go outside ! Grab the key! ”he yelled, visibly believing himself in Fort Boyard. The host then took his word for it and ran away … before coming back a moment later. Finally, Julia Vignali’s dessert was a little too runny. Luckily, she was able to catch up with the preparation of the dish. But she still had to ask for help. Again dropped in its recipe, this time it’s Kad Merad who came to his rescue. When she couldn’t cut the fish the way Cyril Lignac did, Julia Vignali asked her companion for help. A rare moment, because the couple is usually very discreet. Finally, the two lovers took out a fish dish “in the top” !

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