Chef’s recipe books, Les Echos Week-end

“What will I take to a desert island?” A gastronomic dictionary or a good collection of recipes! “ answered us a few years ago a French chef from the Southwest. Premonitory. The cookbook is a bit like a good novel or a musical score. You don’t necessarily have to live the story yourself or hear the music to dream. No need to cook or have all the ingredients to excite your taste buds: the brain and memory take care of it.

Amateurs of money will therefore need more than two weeks in camera to swallow the Dictionary of Ferrandi chefs (BPI editions, 59 euros), a must in the genre. A real bible concocted by the historian Eric Glatre and the Ferrandi Paris school for cooks, professionals or experienced amateurs, or for any gourmet who aims for learning. In this alphabet of 8,000 entries, we cross the famous lower or Charlotte and the less frequent concher, Lisetta or Pojarski … Useful for long confined evenings, like the treasure All Robuchon recently reissued (Solar Editions, 29.90 euros) with the 800 cult recipes of the master: nothing like salivating than reading – or concocting – his onion pie or his leeks vinaigrette. Or take the time to simmer a good rabbit with mustard …

Home and seasonal cuisine

Pan-fried chanterelles, apricots, almonds: a recipe proposed by Pierre Gagnaire in Les Copains commence – DR

If you are confined to the campaign with family or friends (it seems to be trendy), order the latest Winner online (Friends first, 80 easy and friendly recipes, Solar, 30 euros). A “home” cuisine rich in simple recipes, quick to prepare, for large tables, such as this cultivator soup or this scallop marinade with lager beer. Did you say simple? We are still here in the company of one of the greatest three-star chefs and at the head of 20 restaurants in the world! The plus: its rigid cardboard cover, made to resist in the kitchen.

In the “toolbox” genre, we like the first collection of recipes from Romain Meder, the discreet and talented chef of the three-star restaurant. Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée ((Naturally free, Ducasse Editions, 22.90 euros). Of course while naturalness, the leitmotif of the house, with the “gestures to know”: burn, freeze, extract, ferment, smoke … We go from product to product, from season to season: from artichoke to pink rhubarb for spring; apricot tomatoes for the summer; apple eggplant for fall; citrus salsify for the winter … Strongly going out and eating out!