confined, Alexia Duchêne shares a recipe and gets tackled by internet users

Top Chef: confined, Alexia Duchêne shares a recipe and is tackled by Internet users

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Top Chef: confined, Alexia Duchêne shares a recipe and is tackled by Internet users

Alexia Duchêne, semifinalist of season 10 of Top Chef, did a cooking tutorial for the others confined. But his recipe was not unanimous at all. In particular because of an ingredient which is far from being in the closet of all French people …

To learn how to cook better during this period of confinement, the French can count on Cyril Lignac, present every evening on M6 to deliver their recipes directly. But he is not the only chef to give his advice and offer dishes! On the net, several cooks have made tutorials, including Alexia Duchêne. In addition to his commitment to the nursing staff, the semi-finalist of Top Chef 10 took the time to put together a short video to Melty. ” Hello guys! We’re going to make a little recipe today, I’ll show you how to make a fairly simple broth », She throws at the camera. But his vegetable broth, with pasta and guanciale, earned him heavy criticism. Especially because of its use of guanciale: this dried pork cheek, a flagship ingredient in Italian gastronomy, is not easy to find in normal times. So during confinement, this luxury product is necessarily even less accessible to all French people

Alexia Duchêne severely tackled for her recipe

Yeah, a little bit of guanciale, cool, simple, tranquilou. Anything, girl, commented on a user. It’s a very, very bad sign when a cook is so out of touch with reality that he believes that guanciale is a product that everyone has at home, within reach. Another echoed this ironically, recalling that this deli was very expensive : ” It’s not soup that costs you an ARM. Not at all. »Already criticized at the time of his participation in Top chef, Alexia Duchêne was once again targeted. His tutorial, judged “ neither done nor to do “By some, would no doubt gained from being closer to home cooking. “ Most people don’t necessarily have the luxury of using lots of vegetables just to make broth, commented a cook. For these somewhat harsh periods and where unfortunately we must restrict ourselves, I think it would be better to present good family recipes, inexpensive with a little originality and a little revisited. »This is precisely what Cyril Lignac does on M6.