Cyril Lignac makes fun of Stéphane Rotenberg’s expressions in “special Top Chef”

If he wanted to stand out, well … it’s successful! Wednesday May 20, 2020, Cyril Lignac received three new anonymous families chosen by M6 as well as the celebrity of the day: the presenter Stéphane Rotenberg. Together, with the help of clerk Jérôme Anthony, the apprentice chefs tried to make “chicken nuggets, barbecue sauce, paprika crisps” whose list of ingredients is available on the Femme Actuelle website. However, the presenter of Top Chef drew the mockery of his comrades following some slightly technical culinary terms … Indeed, after ten years of presentation on M6 with renowned chefs like Philippe Etchebest or Hélène Darroze, Stéphane Rotenberg n is no longer an amateur. At least, that’s what Cyril Lignac deduced when he heard his student pronounce the word “reduced”. Explanations.

“Ah well excuse me! Watch out, the boss is here!”

While everyone was preparing their ketchup mixture for the barbecue sauce, Stéphane Rotenberg was surprised by the look of his plate: “It’s liquid you! Me, it doesn’t look like that!”, Expressed the presenter from Beijing Express, before realizing his advance: “Ah! But it is not yet reduced, that’s why …” It was enough for Cyril Lignac to make fun of his guest of the day: “Ah but sorry, you have the culinary terms, excuse me! Attention the boss! “, he commented, accompanied by the laughter of Jérôme Anthony in the background. “Ah they are laughing, here they are laughing!” Swung Stéphane Rotenberg, slightly stung. Cyril Lignac even took the opportunity to add a little layer: “It’s not reduced enough … Excuse us, we do home cooking here!”

Obviously, the three star presenters of the M6 ​​channel finished the recipe of the day for children, with joy and good humor. Stéphane Rotenberg even had a little surprise: the presence by videoconference of Michel Sarran who, without knowing it, hit the nail on the head: “You in the kitchen

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