Easy home-made recipes to brighten up your plates and taste buds

At the time of confinement, you (re) passed behind the stoves. Problem: after a week, you go around in circles. Between pasta with Bolognese sauce, arrabiata and pesto, you’re out of ideas. What if it’s time to cook homemade food? Rest assured, it is possible to compose gourmet plates in a few minutes and with few ingredients, even with children. The proof with this mashed potatoes, mixed with milk and nutmeg. You can of course decline the potato in a wide variety of other forms, in rösti for example. For centuries, the preparation of these delicious pancakes, fried in the pan, has divided French-speaking Switzerland and German-speaking Switzerland.

The egg in all its forms

Out of inspiration? Bet on the egg carton, your new best friend. Boiled (to be tasted with grilled seafood), fried in an omelet or cooked in casseroles, the eggs will delight the taste buds of young and old alike. You don’t hesitate to chop chives or parsley to enhance the taste.

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Our recipes based on three ingredients

Homemade pasta

To change preserves and industrial sauces, you can also make your own tomato sauce. The ingredients you will need for this recipe are simple: tomatoes, onions, garlic, parsley and voila! The most ambitious can venture to prepare their own ravioli dough. It’s a bit long, but it’s definitely worth it. As with homemade bread, the taste pleasure is incomparable when you get your hands dirty!

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The good idea: gratins

Out of inspiration for dinner? Fancy high-fiber vegetables, but you’ve run out of soup and cream soup recipes? Gratins remain a safe bet. Prepared on a vegetable base covered with béchamel sauce or crème fraîche, sometimes accompanied by fish, meat or smoked bacon, they will satisfy all appetites. Practical and above all economical.

In video, the recipe for the dough gratin

Pancakes and roasted fruit

As for the sweet beaks, they will console themselves with plates of pancakes sprinkled with brown sugar, garnished with jams or spreads. For this recipe, a few ingredients are enough: milk, flour, eggs, vanilla sugar and a touch of rum. In ten minutes, watch in hand, the preparation is ready; all it takes is to heat the pan.

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The crepe from every angle

Others still prefer to indulge themselves with a pineapple roasted in vanilla butter or caramelized apples. Add almonds for the gourmet side and because they form a very good marriage with the fruit.

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