Eighteen complaints filed by anti-glyphosate activists in Brittany

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Eighteen complaints were lodged in Brittany, for "endangering the lives of others", by activists whose urine tests revealed significant levels of glyphosate, contained in particular in Roundup herbicide, indicated their lawyer on Wednesday. Four other complaints must also be filed for the same reason with the parquet of Angers, according to Jérôme Bouquet-Elkaïm. Like their Ariège associates, who had lodged a complaint in mid-October, the 22 activists, members of the Volunteer Reaper, submitted to tests that revealed glyphosate levels ranging from 0.2 to 3.4 nanograms (ng). ) per milliliter (ml).

Upcoming complaints "by pack of one hundred". "For example, the European standard sets at 0.1 ng / ml the permissible dose in drinking water," write the activists in a statement, recalling that the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the herbicide as "probable carcinogen" in 2015. The complaints were filed for endangering the lives of others, aggravated deception and harm to the environment. "This is a symbolic action to mark the start of the campaign in Britain, where 500 people have registered to perform urine tests," said Bouqet-Elkaïm. New complaints filings will follow, "in packets of one hundred," he added, saying that 160 complaints had already been filed in France.

"Glyphosate in all the urine". The complaints should be centralized at the public health center of Paris where an investigation was opened, according to the same source. "At the moment, glyphosate has been found in all the urine, which is systematic even though all the people who have done an analysis are quite observant about their diet," said Aubéri Petite, a farmer in Trémargat, in the Côtes-de-Provence. d'Armor, which has a glyphosate level of 2.20 ng / ml while eating mainly organic. "I thought I was protected, but the contamination of the environment is global and massive," she added.