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four gift ideas for gourmet dads

Family recipe, pepper, pastries … To celebrate Father’s day, Sunday, Europe 1 chews your work with some gourmet gift ideas that should appeal to lovers of cooking and culinary discoveries.

A chef’s recipe for gourmet pancakes

On the occasion of Father’s Day, to start the day on Sunday well, what could be better than making breakfast for your dad with pancakes? It’s quick and very easy to do, even with children, and is fun for the whole family. But beware, it’s not about making just any recipe. Europe 1 offers you that of Fabien Ferré, deputy chef alongside Christophe Bacquié at Hôtel du Castellet in the Var: his pancakes are not very sweet and very airy.

Start by mixing the flour (160 g), with the yeast (14 g) and the sugar (38 g), before adding egg yolks (2) beaten with the milk (230 g). The dough must be very smooth. Then mount the egg whites until stiff and fold them gently into the dough. It whitens and becomes frothy and creamy. And now, head for the pan, with a drop of oil so that the pancakes don’t stick. As soon as bubbles begin to appear, turn them over and cook for a maximum of one minute on each side – they should be golden.

You will have very soft pancakes, and you can even have fun making the “pancake cereal”, the trendy dish at the moment on Instagram. Just fill a bowl with mini pancakes and cover with maple syrup or honey and fresh fruit, nuts and chocolate.

Original cookbooks

Here is another gift idea for gourmet dads who love to cook, with two books so as not to lose your hand:

The unbeatable barbecue recipes Larousse editions (15.95 euros), a book which should give your father ideas for changing grilled sausages. He will be able to cook marinades, herbs, cook pork loin skewers with figs and rosemary, or even tomme and apple toast. There are even some for planchas lovers, with for example a Thai sea bream recipe.

I make my cheeses Adèle Desachy and Pierre Coulon, founder of “La Laiterie de Paris”, published by Eyrolles (16.90 euros). This book teaches you how to prepare 16 fresh cheeses, with explanations on milk, ferments, salting, and many tips! Your dad will be able to concoct his own mascarpones for future tiramisus.

The portable pepper tree, a practical gift

If your father is more of a picnic or hiking enthusiast, of practical objects, and especially pepper, here is the gift he needs: a portable pepper from Peugeot, who took out a pocket mill called “Pocket”, 10 cm on the counter and 49 euros. Your dad can always have his favorite pepper on him, ground at the last minute.


Finally, you can always bet on delicacies to find at pastry chefs. In Marseille, you can offer a pétanque court in praline and dark chocolate, small and crunchy, designed by the vice-champion of France of young chocolate makers Corentin Torres. The safe “Los Padres”, created by Edwart Chocolatier, Which contains chocolate cigarillos, could also please him. They are shaped by hand, worked with Grand Cru chocolate from Papua New Guinea which brings smoky and earthy notes. And gluttony is brought by the praline based on organic black sesame. This box is available in Edwart Chocolatier stores in Paris and on the site for delivery anywhere in France!