The best delivery service of meal kits to try in 2019


Meal preparation is one of the best ways to have the time and energy to prepare healthy meals all week long. And meal preparation kits are the best way to prepare meals without all the work. So we've put together the best meal kit delivery services, which send you everything you need to prepare outstanding quality restaurant meals at home – and allow you to shop and give up your list of things to make. Think about interesting and interesting meals, clear and easy-to-follow instructions, and all the ingredients you need in the quantities you need so that you can not guess. no waste. (Not to mention do not leave home or plan ahead.) The field is growing, with specialized providers focusing on vegan foods, seasonal ingredients and smoothies. We tried the best meal delivery services and we have to tell ourselves that they made us feel like real healthy chefs. Here's what we learned: Sun Basket employees place a premium on quality ingredients, and it shows. The products are all organic, the meat does not contain antibiotics, nor added hormones, and the seafood is caught in the wild and is durable. On top of that, they offer a variety of meal plan options suitable for special diets such as paleo, vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian diets (you can also opt for varied recipes from all these menus!). All meals are approved by the nutritionist. Fans of the program praise the freshness of meals and note that recipes are quite simple for weekday nights, while being creative and interesting. The dishes range from classics such as milanese chicken and bucatini carbonara to fun new combinations such as farro risotto and grilled shrimp with ajo blanco sauce. Weekly deliveries arrive in 100% recyclable and compostable packaging, another major success. Choose between the classic plan (which serves two to four people and offers paleo, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, diabetes-friendly and more specialized), or the family plan that offers four and is suitable for children. meal as well as a vegetarian option.Cost: $ 72 per week for three meals for two people; $ 88 per week for two meals for four people. Other plans are available on the site.Availability: Nationally, with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, Montana and parts of New Mexico.You can choose from about a dozen meals a week and create about 30 minutes or less of delicious dishes that match your taste profile and dietary restrictions. Meat or vegetables? Avoid dairy products? Do you want to exclude nuts? Soy? Corn? Home Chef offers dishes such as tomato risotto, Greek flatbread and fried rice with prawns and pineapple. They set their menus five weeks in advance, so you can plan meals for more than a month. If you are really new to this whole cook yourself thing, the service has a page of cookware on their website where they sell a selection of basic cooking utensils this will take you to the house-cheffing. Refuel, get advice and tips from Home Chef chefs and get ready to impress. Recipe examples: Steak with chive butter and garlic, apple and goat cheese flatbread and Korean fried chicken (customer favorite).

Try it:Site: HomeChef.comCost: The standard meal is $ 10 per serving (choose between two or four portions); other meal options are available on the site. Delivery is free for orders over $ 45 and $ 10 for orders under $ 45.Availability: Nationwide

3. blue apron

Why does it move?Blue Apron has somehow started this packed lunch service – and now it has a lot of competition. Blue Apron recipes, such as Thai Vegetable Pad and Harissa Chicken, are designed to reduce cooking and cooking time to 45 minutes on average. In fact, the instructions are so easy to follow that our editor asked her 6 years old to help her. The company's mission is to improve our country's food system by focusing on sustainable agriculture, direct transportation and less waste of food. Their chefs work with farmers to create their meal plans, and they tell the stories behind their ingredients so you know where your food actually comes from. Try their monthly wine subscription "vineyard" that comes with special size bottles to accompany their meals. Examples of recipes include the customer's favorites: beef to orange and bok choy, fish with Cajun spices and roasted chicken at Za-Atar. Blue Apron offers a vegetarian option for the two person package.Try it:Site: BlueApron.comCost: $ 60 per week for three meals for two people; $ 96 per week for three meals for four people. Other plans are available on the site.Availability: Nationwide

4. freshly

Why does it move?Freshly delivered meals arrive at your home fully cooked and in ecological and environmentally friendly packaging. As the meals are not frozen, you can prepare dinner in less than three minutes, which means you do not need to order. Choose breakfast, lunch or dinner from a weekly menu with rotating options. the entire menu does not contain gluten or peanuts and is prepared in a gluten-free or peanut-free establishment. Sample menu: pepper steak, chicken tikka masala and Moroccan vegetable tajine.Try it:Site: Freshly.comCost: $ 50 per week for four meals for one person and up to $ 108 per week for 12 meals (one for). Other plans are available on the site.Availability: 27 states

5. Plated

Why does it move?Seasonal recipes like portobello mushroom tacos and grilled nickory barbecue burgers will seriously enhance your cooking game. Each week, you can mix and match 20 recipes. Our testers loved the original solution (pun intended) dessert options that come with each order. Dessert with that? Yes, please. Plated sticks to a set of standards for its food: Poultry is raised without antibiotics; beef, pork and poultry without added hormones; the fish is fished sustainably whenever possible; and they are also trying to stock up on organic products. They also like to add artisanal products in small quantities whenever they can. Choose from diets that offer two, three or four servings a night, two, three or four nights a week. Each weekly recipe selection includes options for vegetarian, gluten-free, low-calorie and low-carbohydrate diets. Examples of popular recipes include crisp mushroom burger, garlic and basil shrimp, and sesame grits.Try it:Site: Plated.comCost: $ 71 for three meals for two people; $ 119 for three meals for four people. Other plans are available on the site.Availability: 48 states

6. Purple Carrot

Why does it move?Purple Carrot works with plant energy. If you do not eat products of animal origin or if you are lactose intolerant, you are in luck. Each dish of Purple Carrot is not only vegetarian, but also vegan. But do not worry, we are not talking about boring grilled vegetables here. This box contains seasonal produce, herbs and creative sauces that keep things interesting. Each week, the Purple Carrot chefs create a new selection of herbal dishes, such as cauliflower kebabs to orange and teriyaki coffee. In addition to being healthy and tasty, Purple Carrot encourages users to understand the fact that eating herbal meals rather than meat-based dishes is environmentally friendly and helps reduce consumption. of water and emissions. Choose from quick and easy formulas, rich in protein and those of the chef. There is also an option for athletes called TB12, which offers gluten-free recipes rich in protein and calories and limited in soy and refined sugars.Try it:Site: ThePurpleCarrot.comCost: $ 72 per week for three meals for two people.Availability: Nationwide, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

7. PeachDish

Why does it move?Southern dishes are not exactly known as healthy foods, but PeachDish gives you a way to savor your favorite dishes while staying true to your preferences. healthy eating goals. Their fresh notes of Southern classics, such as chicken and kale with oatmeal, were designed by award-winning chefs and restaurateurs in collaboration with nutritionists. Many dishes contain only 600 calories or less. The ingredients come almost entirely from local farms in the Southeast, focused on sustainable practices. There are meals for vegetarians and omnivores, as well as options for vegans and a menu of "gluten-free" dishes. They try to keep things flexible by allowing you to choose your delivery days and change the number of servings in your order. Not ready to hire? Buy one box at a time as a guest.Try it:Site: PeachDish.comCost: $ 50 per week for two meals for two people. Customers in some states pay $ 15 more per shipment; Guest guests pay $ 12 more per shipment.Availability: 48 states

8. HelloFresh

Why does it move?HelloFresh allows you to customize your weekly menu. Choose from organized chef boxes, plus vegetarian and family-style boxes to create meals ranging from 1 to 3 in difficulty. You can try the mahimahi, garlic butter shrimp or even the butternut squash agnolottis. You can set your preferences for a meal without beef, pork and fish / shellfish. You can also choose "Fit" dishes, which are the three most nutritious recipes of the week, "Rapids", which take up to 30 minutes or "Variety". HelloFresh explains that this last option "offers recipes that present new ingredients and techniques for those who want something different (but which remains fast and totally feasible)". It's a bit like your own private cooking class. The lunch kits are designed to easily fit into the fridge, which is very convenient. Choose from classic, vegetarian or family diets.Try it:Site: HelloFresh.comCost: $ 60 per week for three meals for two people; $ 96 per week for three meals for four people (prices include transportation costs). Other options are available on the site.Availability: Nationwide

9. Chef & # 39;

Why does it move?Chef & # 39; d, as his name indicates, collaborates with the chefs to propose his offers. Choose from more than 650 recipes from celebrity chefs, gourmet TV stars and James Beard award winners, including Wolfgang Puck, Virginia Willis, Vegan chef Rachel Carr and cake master Duff Goldman. This is a non-subscription service, meaning you can try it as little or as long as you want (and you will not have to cancel your plans to make sure you use it all the ingredients before they deteriorate), and you can keep coming back to your favorite recipes again and again. No judgment if all you want to eat is the baked chicken and creamy rice of Lance Bass. Choose from recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, from the lightest to the most family-friendly, fast to the most gourmet. You can even sort the recipes by lifestyle (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, adapted to diabetics) and exclude certain allergens. Chef has been associated with the American Diabetes Association, Weight Watchers and Atkins, among others, to create custom meal plans.Try it:Site: Chefd.comCost: Starting from $ 12 for a meal (for two)Availability: Nationwide

10. Terra's kitchen

Courtesy Terra & # 39; s KitchenPlus

Why does it move?The shipping method really allows Terra's Kitchen to distinguish itself from other meal preparation services. Terra & # 39; s Kitchen meals are delivered to you in the Vessel, an insulated container that looks like a mini-fridge without electricity. Just remove everything, slide it into your refrigerator and send the ship back. Easy and compact, with less waste. The menu includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, side dishes, takeaways and even drinks and desserts. You can filter all of them by dietary restrictions (Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, etc.) and by type of protein, including lamb, bison and tofu. The meals – think of a bowl of spicy quinoa chicken salad and a slouvaki of chicken in a sheet pan – are accompanied by a nutritional score that attributes to a dish four qualities of well-being: nutrients, ingredients anti-inflammatories, healthy fatsand the fiber content. Oh, and did we mention that all the ingredients are pre-chopped and that many recipes take only 15 minutes to prepare together?Try it:Site: TerrasKitchen.comCost: $ 4 to $ 18 per servingAvailability: 36 states

11. green leader

Why does it move?Green Chef sells USDA certified organic meal kits, with the goal of ensuring that at least 90% of the ingredients they send you are organic. Color-coded recipe cards make it easy to prepare meals quickly and easily. All Green Chef meals must be prepared in 30 minutes. In addition to carnivores, omnivores, vegetarians and vegans, there are Paleo, ketoand gluten-free menus to choose from. In fact, Green Chef offers three menus, Paleo, Keto and Gluten-Free, which are certified gluten-free by the GFFS program of the Gluten Intolerance Group. We loved the vegan Moroccan cauliflower and the Cubichurri tofu.Try it:Site: GreenChef.comCost: Starting at $ 79 per week for three meals for two people (transportation costs included, some dietary options are more numerous); $ 95 per week for two meals for four people (shipping costs included)Availability: Nationwide

12. Fresh Direct

Why does it move?If a company knows something about distributing food to hungry humans, it's Fresh Direct. To simplify things, they list meal kits like any other product on their site. Choose one, choose the desired quantity (most meals serve two, some serve a family), then add it to your cart and schedule your delivery. It's a bit like planning meals without any planning. Choose from the pleasures of the crowd like the jumped and Tacosand prepare your dinner in just 20 minutes – one of the quickest preparation times we've ever had. (When you scroll through the available options, you can see how long each one will take.)Try it:Site: FreshDirect.comCost: $ 10 or more for a portion; each meal kit serves two.Availability: Only in the northeast

13. daily harvest

Why does it move?We like to think of this one as the adult and healthy version of a cup (O) Noodles, as they remind us of those easy meals, so laden with sodium, that we previously prepared by pouring water hot in a cup and waiting for three minutes. Daily Harvest smoothies, soups, oats, parfait and sundaes all come in mugs that you can eat right away. Of course, the cauliflower and leek stew, pumpkin and oatmeal overnight, as well as our favorite cocoa and avocado smoothie are well away from the ramen soup of our university days. The base comes frozen and all you have to do is add liquid, mix it in the blender, pour it into the cup and super easy, super fast and only a thing to wash when you're done.Try it:Site: Daily-Harvest.comCost: $ 6 – $ 8 per cupAvailability: Nationwide

14. Gobble

Why does it move?Meal kits inherently solve a problem in the life of any busy hungry person – lack of time to shop and decide on dinner – but Gobble goes one step further by doing this. all preparatory work for you. This means vegetables already peeled, a minty hash to zero and a process that goes from one dish to the other in about 15 minutes. This is almost as little effort as delivery, and often even faster. Plus, we love the fact that Gobble offers specialty menu options such as gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb and vegetarian-focused, focusing on child-friendly options for families. Meal examples: Chili with quinoa vegetables with southwestern garlic bread, miso iced salmon, soba noodles and snow peas, and filet mignon with asparagus and blue cheese butter.Try it:Site: Gobble.comCost: $ 79 per week for three meals for two people; $ 151 per week for three meals for four people (both include shipping costs)Availability: Nationwide

15. Each plate

Why does it move?Each plate is proud to offer affordable and delicious meals that are not too complicated to cook. Basic plan meals are $ 5 per serving, and you can choose between enough to serve two or four people per meal. The goal is to make it easier to have dinner on the table. So do not expect gourmet meals. As the company's website says, "our goal is to bring value and comfort, not to make you a chef." The selection therefore looks delicious like any meal kit service. Examples of recipes include sausages and charred corn powder, Thai pork chops and a barbecue meatloaf.Try it:Site: Everyplate.comCost: $ 39 per week for three meals for two people or $ 70 per week for three meals for four people (both prices include shipping)Availability: Available in most continental United States; Enter your zip code on the site to see if they deliver to your area.