Alcohol-free creations of Redemption Bar

It is the dawn of a new year and for many of us this means that you should drink easily and not consume a lot of vitamins and minerals. But participating in the dry month of January does not have to mean a month of lime and sodas chased by cups of tea. Redemption Bar, a London-based restaurant offering rich vegetable menus and health-conscious cocktails, believes that socializing and having fun while sipping a cocktail should not always induce a hangover. Vibrant flavors like ginger, lemongrass and cardamom more than make up for the lack of alcohol while keeping your drink elegant.

Switchel of maple and ginger

A refreshing drink that looks a lot like a sports drink: it replaces potassium (an electrolyte) and sugars lost to perspiration, except that it is composed of raw apple cider vinegar, pure maple syrup and fresh ginger, with water. All ingredients are excellent sources of potassium. Vinegar may seem like a strange ingredient for a drink, but many traditional beverage recipes call for vinegar, whether it is for preserving or replacing fruit. In a switchel, the apple cider vinegar has a nice acidity similar to that of citrus and, mixed with maple syrup and spicy ginger, it is delicious – a bit like a ginger ale.


1 litre


  • Raw apple cider vinegar 500ml
  • 100g fresh ginger, peeled and roughly sliced
  • 500ml of maple syrup
  • serve


    1. Put apple cider vinegar and ginger in a blender and mix until you get a puree. Spend the ginger mixture through a fine sieve over a bowl, in order to extract as much liquid as possible. Add the maple syrup and mix (add more or less to your taste). Pour into a sterilized bottle.
    2. Let cool for at least two hours before tasting. This will keep well in the refrigerator for up to two months. To serve, simply add bubbly sparkling mineral water for a refreshing spritzer.

    Love and peas

    From the delicacy of the pea tendrils, to the crisp tender pods and the soft little green pearls on the inside, it's amazing to think that you can eat the whole pea plant from root to sprout. We grow our own pea micro-shoots in our restaurants. It's beautiful to see nature unfold before us, allowing us all to take a moment to reflect on the wonders of the world. Love and peas, peas and love.




  • Large handle of pea tendrils
  • 100 ml cucumber juice or approx. ½ peeled cucumber (reserve the peel)
  • 4 large leaves of mint
  • 30 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Pinch of Himalayan salt
  • 160ml of sparkling chilled sparkling rosemary (see below)
  • 1 teaspoon of aquafaba
  • 3 ice cubes
  • To garnish

  • Cucumber zest
  • 2 bamboo skewers
  • Pea tendrils

    1. Just put all the ingredients in a blender and blitz. Pour into two glasses of champagne.
    2. To create the toppings, wrap a length of cucumber peel with the dark green on the outside and thread it to one end of a bamboo skewer. Rest on the glass and cover it with a pea tendril. Repeat the operation for the other glass.

    Point Rosemary water is a relatively new drink on the market and it is wonderful, but you can prepare it yourself by adding a few drops of pure food grade rosemary essence to sparkling water or by the method of slightly longer infusion (fresh rosemary soak in sparkling mineral water for 48 hours to give delicate oils).

    Citronella lemonade

    "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade," as the saying goes. But what do you do when life gives you lemongrass? We say you rejoice, pair it with a few lemons, concoct this powerful drink breaker and blow up all the other entrepreneurs with their lemonade stalks right out of the water. The story continues


    750 ml (1 and 1/3 quarts)


  • 6 stalks of lemongrass, coarsely chopped
  • 1.5 liters of mineral water
  • 150g of coconut sugar
  • 4 large limes, peeled with a vegetable peeler with a rotating head, then crushed ice
  • To garnish

  • Pink pepper
  • Lemongrass stalks

    1. Place the lemongrass and the measured water in a large saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a low heat for 60 minutes.
    2. Remove from heat and add the coconut sugar, lime juice and lime zest. Stir well and let cool.

    Choose the punch of life

    Club Tropicana, drinks are free – no alcohol or sugar! Let's go to the party with our white and neon accessories and put on the nightclub of the 80's … It's a big punch that works brilliantly for a barbecue or a party by the pool. You can create a punch bowl from the watermelon shell itself, hollowed out. All you have to do is add multicolored straws (of course, plastic) and let everyone get involved.




  • 1 large watermelon weighing about 4 kg, chilled
  • ice cubes
  • 500ml of coconut water
  • Kefir (see recipe below)
  • 100ml of freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 750ml of sparkling mineral water, chilled
  • To garnish

  • Sprigs of mint slices of lime

    1. Slice the top of the watermelon with the help of a sharp knife. Regardless of what is happening at the party, it is best to be sober at this point. Scoop the flesh of the watermelon until the bark has a minimal pink appearance. Reserve the hollowed-out watermelon shell to use as a bowl.
    2. Puree the watermelon flesh, in several batches, in the blender or the robot. Pass through a fine mesh sieve in a bowl and discard the solids. You will have about 2 liters of watermelon juice.
    3. If you prepare in advance, you can at this point store the watermelon juice in the fridge for a few hours to keep it cool until you are ready to serve it.
    4. To serve, put ice cubes in the watermelon punch bowl and pour the chilled watermelon juice. Add kefir, coconut water, lime juice and sparkling mineral water. Stir to combine. Garnish with mint sprigs and lime slices.

    Kefir of coconut water


    About. 1 litre


  • 500 ml of filtered water boiled and chilled
  • 40g of sugar (we use coconut sugar)
  • 1 bag of 60g of kefir grains in dehydrated water

  • 1 liter sterilized glass jar with lid
  • Sterilized glass jar of 2 liters with lid
  • Sterilized bottles with lids to keep the finished kefir


    1. Mix the measured water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Pour the sugar water into the sterilized glass jar and add the dehydrated kefir grains.
    2. Place a piece of clean cloth or paper towel over the jar and secure with a rubber band. Leave at room temperature for 3 days, then drain, discard the sugar water and reserve the activated kefir grains.


    1. 1 liter (1 pint) of filtered water boiled and cooled 80g of sugar (we use coconut sugar) your kefir grains activated.
    2. Mix the measured water and the coconut sugar until the sugar is dissolved.
    3. Pour the sugar water into the sterilized glass jar and add the activated kefir grains. Place a piece of clean cloth or paper towel over the jar and secure with a rubber band. Leave at room temperature for 48 hours. Now separate the kefir water from the kernels using a plastic strainer to filter. Pour the kefir water into sterilized bottles and refrigerate for 12 hours before drinking.
    4. Rinse the kernels in filtered boiled and cooled water. Re-sterilize the pot and put the beans back in the pot. Repeat the above process every 48 hours to provide you with a continuous supply of kefir water.
    5. Cover and refrigerate overnight to infuse. The next day, filter the lemonade into a pitcher or bottle and store it in the refrigerator.
    6. To serve, pour in large glasses of copa or balloon with lots of crushed ice, garnished with pink peppercorns and lemongrass stems.

    Advice Chlorinated tap water can be harmful to kefir grains. It is best to use filtered water that has been boiled and cooled. It is best to boil and cool in an open pan, as this allows the chlorine to evaporate more efficiently. Look for your kefir grains – avoid metal utensils, use bamboo or plastic screens, and sterilize pots between batches. Keep your kefir out of direct sunlight. Remember that kefir grains are (when activated) alive and hungry, so you need to keep them well fed!