10 best new children's books 2018-2019

One of the best New Year's resolutions you can take is to read more with your children – and encourage those who can read alone. Offering ideas for babies through elementary school students, here are ten of our new favorite children's books, sorted by age. All have been published in the last year and all deserve a permanent place in your family library.Large child's bed by Leslie Patricelli

Big Kid Bed by Leslie Patricelli (Photo: Amazon) More

The extensive series of baby diaries of author Leslie Patricelli presents a protagonist with rosy cheeks and wearing diapers while he explores the main themes of toddler life: go to the pot, take a bath, snuggle with a blanket. His latest, Big Kid Bed, has as a boy loved the usual transition from a crib to a large bed. He faces the ritual with enthusiasm, then with a little trepidation, before settling finally for a night of restful sleep.Shop: Large child's bed by Leslie Patricelli, $ 8, amazon.comBest for 1 to 3 yearsMy art book of love by Shana Gozansky

My art book of love by Shana Gozansky (Photo: Walmart) More

My art book of love combines two essential and mysterious concepts – art and love – in a beautiful book that speaks to art lovers of all ages. "Sumptuous and sumptuous" (New York Times), it presents 35 works of art, reproduced impeccably, of Mary Cassatt, Marc Chagall, Keith Haring and Robert Indiana, who explore the Love in all its forms. A fantastic introduction to the fine arts for the next generation of art lovers. Ideal for children from 2 to 5 years old.Shop: My art book of love by Shana Gozansky, $ 17, walmart.comJuno Valentine and the magic shoes by Eva Chen and Derek Desierto

Juno Valentine and the magic shoes by Eva Chen (Photo: Walmart) More

Eva Chen, a magazine editor, fashion stylist and fashion partner at Instagram, is a buzz machine. With a million Instagram subscribersshe had many people eagerly awaiting her latest project, a children's book entitled Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes. Today, this delightful book follows a little girl who passes (literally) in the shoes of powerful and powerful icons, historical and contemporary, from Cleopatra and Frida Kahlo to Lady Gaga and Serena Williams. Who knew that the multi-talented Chen was as natural as an author enlightened by children? Well, if the shoe goes … Ideal for children from 3 to 6 yearsShop: Juno Valentine and the magic shoes by Eva Chen (author) and Derek Desierto (illustrator), $ 12 walmart.com Mixed by Arree Chung

Mixed by Arree Chung (Photo: Barnes & Noble) More
Once upon a time, the colors lived separately: the reds with the reds, the yellows with the yellows and the blues with the blues. Until the day when a yellow and a blue fell in love and decided to mix. At first they shocked their friends and neighbors, but the beautiful green that they created together inspired others. As the colors mingled and mingled, they upset the old ways of life and created a rainbow of new, beautiful shades. This resolutely modern tale is beautifully illustrated, charming to read and full of profound meaning. Best for ages 4 to 8Shop: Mixed by Arree Chung, $ 17, barnesandnoble.comThere is no bear in this bakery by Julia Sarcone-Roach

Julia Sarcone-Roach (Photo: Walmart) There's no bear in this bakery

With regard to children's books, it is virtually guaranteed that stories featuring bears and baked goods will appeal to young readers. This one is no exception. Released just a few days ago, There is no bear in this bakery is said from Muffin's point of view, a strong-minded – but ultimately sympathetic – cat responsible for keeping bears outside from the bakery. But when a sweet, hungry, big-eyed bear arrives with her growling belly, she shows him some sweetness – in the form of a box filled with donuts and a shower of nuggets.Best for ages 4 to 8Shop: There is no bear in this bakery by Julia Sarcone-Roach, $ 13, walmart.comThe ocean meets the sky by Terry Fan and Eric Fan

Ocean Meets Sky by Terry Fan and Eric Fan (Photo: Walmart) More

Thanks to his fascinating illustrations, this new book by brothers Terry Fan and Eric Fan would be as comfortable on your coffee table as on the shelves of your children's library. The ocean meets the sky It is the story of a young boy who honors his late grandfather by building a ship to navigate to the place they have always talked about – the place where the ocean meets the sky. The poignant course of the boy sends him to magical and mythical places, while teaching him that no matter where he goes, his grandfather will always be with him.Best for ages 4 to 8Shop: The ocean meets the sky by Terry Fan and Eric Fan, $ 15, walmart.com Dog Man: The fight of nature by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man: The fight of nature by Dav Pilkey (Photo: Walmart) More

Dog man the author Dav Pilkey, also the creator of Captain's underwear series, still manages to embrace the humor of elementary schools while retaining an intelligent and savvy nuance that adults will appreciate. This highly anticipated sixth book in the very popular Dog Man Series The canine hero is in prison for a crime he did not commit. Will the puppy's buddies prove his innocence? Expect classic appearances Dog man characters including Philly (the cheesesteak that everyone thinks is a gyroscope), Petey the cat and his mini-clone (and moral conscience) Little Petey, and the F.L.E.A.S. (Fuzzy Little Evil Animal Squad), in a book as hilarious as the previous five. Best for children 7 years and olderShop: Dog Man: The fight of nature by Dav Pilkey, $ 10, walmart.com Delish: eat like every day on weekends by Joanna Saltz and the editors of Delish

Delish: Eat like every weekend, by Joanna Saltz and Delish editors (Photo: Walmart) Learn more

We like to see children in the kitchen. And if there is a book that can bring them there, this is it. The editors of Delish, a website for food lovers known for its appealing images and viral cooking videos, offers a recipe book with equally high entertainment value. The 416-page cookbook contains beautiful photos, recipes and easy-to-follow instructions, as well as recipes for dishes such as Unicorn bark, grilled cheese dips, cheeseburger cups, chicken soup and other recipes to savor. What's missing in recipes for foodies (ie S'mores Bake, do you mind?)Shop: Delish: eat like every day on weekends by the editors of Delish and Joanna Saltz, $ 18, walmart.com Dog diary by James Patterson and Steven Butler

Dog Diary by James Patterson and Steven Butler (Photo: Walmart) More

Best for 7 to 10 yearsJames Patterson, already one of the best-selling authors of all time, continues to reach an increasingly younger audience. With Dog diarywritten in collaboration with children's author Steven Butler, he introduces elementary students to his popular College Series through the eyes of Junior, the early puppy adopted by the college protagonist, Rafe Khatchadorian. The kids will scream with laughter at the trials and tribulations of Junior, who, after failing in a school of obedience, must prove his worth by winning the prize for the best trained dog in a local dog show. Otherwise, his face is returned to the Hills Village Dog Shelter Prison Pooch). It is a world where toilets are known as "emergency water bowls", where foals sniff the loins of their counterparts looking for the latest news and where the harm comes in the form of vacuum cleaners.Shop: Dog diary by James Patterson and Steven Butler, $ 12, walmart.comThe return of Louisiana by Kate DiCamillo

The return of Louisiana by Kate DiCamillo (Photo: Walmart) More

Kate DiCamillo is one of those writers that librarians love to recommend to books – and that kids can not crush. This latest novel by the Newbery Medalist tells the story of an orphan girl, Louisiana, aged 12 and entrusted to her grandmother. At 3:00 am, one night, the grandmother of Louisiana declares that "the day of judgment has arrived" and that they must leave immediately. They are fleeing their Florida home and finding themselves in a rural area of ​​Georgia where Louisiana meets and befriends a host of friendly and unique locals. This bittersweet story was praised for the depth of her characters and for the way DiCamillo understands and communicates the feelings and emotions of children. Ideal for ages 10 and upBuy it: The return of Louisiana by Kate DiCamillo, $ 12, walmart.com Learn more about Yahoo Lifestyle:follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for a nonstop inspiration delivered fresh in your diet, every day.