Is coconut sugar and date sugar "healthy" sugars?

You may have already seen ingredients such as coconut sugar or date sugar in your sweet treat recipes. "They are so much better for you," claim these recipes. I would like to have a thing directly here: sugar is sugar. There is sugar in cane sugar, raw sugar, and Granulated sugar (Duh). There is sugar in the honey, the maple syrup and the nectar of agave. There is also sugar in the coconut sugar and date sugar. But there are some elements in the latter two that make them slightly more nutritious than the bleached substance in the sugar bowl. Coconut sugar is made from the sap of the coconut palm blossom. As the sap is reduced to a syrup, it caramelizes and turns a dark brown color. The syrup is then solidified and transformed into blocks or crushed into granules. Although this process is similar to the manufacturing of cane sugar, most table sugar is bleached. Coconut sugar is sweet, but a bit more caramelized and tangy than white or brown sugar. Coconut sugar is often used in recipes that claim to be healthy. Its glycemic index is lower than that of white or brown sugar, making it a more attractive option for people monitoring their blood glucose. It can be replaced 1: 1 by white or brown sugar. The texture of the dough will become a little more sanded and the final color of the baking may be a little darker, but otherwise there is no difference in taste. Although coconut sugar has a slightly lower sugar level (4 grams per teaspoon of 4.2 grams of white sugar), it does not really affect the overall sweetness of the food. If you do not have a health problem related to blood sugar, there is no reason to think that coconut sugar is better for you than any other sweetener. There is also no reason not to use it, so play as often as you like with the sweetener in the cooking. Sugar is made of dried dates into pellets. As it is composed of whole fruit, date sugar is praised for containing fiber and antioxidants contained in dates. Still, the average date of deglet noor contains 4 to 5 grams of sugar; date sugar is therefore always a sweetener. Of course, in comparison side by side, date sugar has a lower sugar content than white (1 teaspoon of date sugar contains 3-4 grams of sugar, according to the brand). Thus, although date sugar can be used instead of white sugar or brown sugar during cooking, the result could be a little less sweet. Like coconut sugar, although its nutrient content is slightly higher than that of its more common counterparts, date sugar is not "healthy". However, it contains a delicious caramel flavor and is perfect for cooking and cooking.