We tested the best air fryers alongside a "chopped" champion chef

Better productsIf you like the taste of fried foods, crispy on the outside and perfectly moist inside, but you hate the serious drawback of all this oil (not to mention all the extra calories), it can that be time for you to consider converting to an air fryer.With so much buzz surrounding air fryers this yearwe think it's perfectly fair to call the air fryer the hottest kitchen gadget of 2018. It's also one of the most popular holiday gifts this year some experts have even called the air fryer the new instant potFryers use internal fans to cook your food, giving them a crisp appearance without any extra oil. Your light fried chicken will be perfectly golden and your chips crispy. Air frying also offers several nutritional benefits over traditional frying, as no oil (or much less oil) can be used in each recipe.
We talked to Cynthia Sass, dietitian and nutritionist, for advice from an expert on the health benefits of cooking with an air fryer. As she pointed out, "air frying saves calories because instead of dipping food into oil, the machine produces a crunchy texture by circulating the food." hot air containing fine droplets of oil.Because air frying requires a lot less oil, you save calories and fat, which can help support weight loss or prevent weight gain. "In addition to its many health benefits as an alternative to the deep fryer, the air fryer is also an incredibly versatile kitchen tool. In addition to the most common applications in the kitchen for preparing fried foods such as fries, chicken wings and mozzarella sticks, deep fat fryers can also be used as a small convection oven for baking desserts such as only cookies, brownies and even cakes.
To demonstrate how much cooking with an air fryer is unlimited, we worked alongside Celeste Rogers, recent Chopped Champion and assistant chef at Sur La Table, who showed us a wide range of cooking apps for using an air fryer, from salty to sweet. With the help of Chief Celeste, we used a Philips Air Fryer to test five different recipes: fried chicken, fries, fried pickles, Nutella brownies and even a fun cannoli recipe.
For a link to the full list of recipes we've tested in this room and other tips from Chef Celeste, keep scrolling down the page!
If you feel lost trying to find which air fryer to buy, take a look at our selected selections for the best options. We looked at all the parameters, from the preset buttons to the temperature range – as well as the capacity and affordability – when making our selections, then we tested the best of the best to come up with our expert selections . Here are our best choices for the best air. fryers that will give consistent and crisp results.

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Best together

Inexpensive does not have to be inefficient, and this friendly air fryer is proof of that. It comes with eight predefined buttons, including chicken, pork, shrimp, potato chips, fish and even cake! Yes, you can bake a cake in this air fryer. It also has customizable temperature and time controls for recipes with specific cooking instructions. The temperature range is between 180 and 400 degrees. With a capacity of 3.7 pints, it can hold about eight chicken wings or a batch of medium-sized French fries. For everyday use, the GoWISE gets our vote for the best air fryer.

Chef's Choice Approved

This Philips air fryer uses a patented "starfish" blower to evenly distribute air to produce crisp results from one edge to the other. This means you will not end up with fried chicken wings or fries in the middle and crispy on the outside of the pan.
The Philips Air fryer offers a range of settings that allow you to cook, steam and even "grill" your food. It is supplied with a single frying basket. You can also buy others accessories for the interior that allow you to stack layers of food for more efficient cooking. This air fryer also features an intelligent presetting button that memorizes the settings of your favorite and most popular recipes, such as French fries.

Best budget buy

Air fryers do not need all the bells and whistles to be effective in what you need to do. This device may not have all the sophisticated preset buttons, but it Is control temperature and time, which is all you really need if you plan to follow recipes that include this information. But just in case, it comes with an instruction manual that tells you which temperatures are best for most foods.

The timer lasts up to one hour and the machine turns off automatically when your cooking time is up. You will also find a temperature range of 175 to 400 degrees, which is superior to most other models. The basket contains enough for two to four servings, with a capacity of 2 liters.

Best for capacity

Cozyna manufactures some air fryers, which are all of excellent quality – but the 5.8 pints-XL capacity option is our first choice for those who are interested in mass-firing. The adjustable temperature reaches 400 degrees, which is enough This unit also features a useful 30 minute timer to adjust when you are busy with other kitchen preparation tasks. Adjustable time and temperature settings make it easy to get started. Intuitive preparation of your favorite foods, as well as the dishwasher. secure basket inserts allow easy cleaning. We also like the fact that this air fryer includes a useful cookbook, which contains over 50 good recipes to try at home.

The most compact

If you have little space in the kitchen and are looking for a more efficient model, this light and compact electric air fryer is your best choice. With a 1.5 liter non-stick fryer basket, clear temperature controls and an automatic shut-off feature, this air fryer is user-friendly, compact and stylish. Next to its sleek retro aesthetic and compact size , features that make this air fryer model particularly user-friendly and versatile. A 30-minute timer turns off automatically, eliminating the possibility of overcooking or burning and makes this unit safe for families. A non-stick frying basket is easy to clean without additional damage and also dishwasher safe for quick cleaning. An easy-to-read temperature control dial allows the user to adjust the heat for a variety of different foods and recipes.
This air fryer is available in a range of fun colors to match any kitchen mood. Choose from this elegant white hue (featured) or other colors like red, aqua, black or gray.

Ask an expert: Fry the air 101 with Chef Celeste Rogers

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To demonstrate how much cooking with an air fryer is unlimited, we worked alongside Celeste Rogers, recent Chopped Champion and assistant chef at Sur La Table, who showed us a wide range of cooking apps for using an air fryer, from salty to sweet.
According to Rogers, the key to success is to understand the actual operation of an air fryer. "Manage your expectations and realize that the air fryer is essentially a small, efficient convection oven." Rogers points out that an air fryer is much less focused on frying than on the healthier cooking of traditionally fried foods. As she explained, "The warm air that travels quickly dries and dries while cooking your food. Name it, there's no real frying here!"

Tips and tricks from Chef Celeste:

1. Invest in a high temperature cooking oil sprayTo optimize the performance of your air fryer, you will need to invest in a spray of vegetable oil with high smoke point and neutral flavor. Celestial Chef's favorite is safflower oil or grape seed, but canola will do the trick. You will need to spray the basket to avoid sticking and spraying on the surface of your food to ensure a golden crispness.2. Avoid wet flatsThings can go very badly when it comes to breaded foods (think of onion rings fried with beer, tempura shrimp, etc.). Moist pasta is forbidden because food sticks to the basket or even drips through the basket. Instead, Chef Celeste recommends sticking with a drier dredged coating (think of panko crusted chops, coconut crust shrimp or even fried pickles).3. Make room for your foodYou will need to give your food a little time to fry well in the air. If the pieces touch each other, you will get uneven browning and less crispness. This means that you can only prepare small amounts and sometimes only single portions.Watch the video below to learn more about Chef Celeste's air fryer tips and tricks!Follow Chef Celeste @celestible and on the table @on the table for more cooking tips, tricks and delicious recipes!For a complete list of the air fryer recipes we've presented in this room, visit Chef Celeste's website.What are you waiting for? Buy these premium air fryers now!

FAQ: everything you asked about the Air Fryer

Q. How does an air fryer really work?A. Well, it's really the magic of science. However, in simple terms, air fryers work by evenly circulating the hot air of the air fryer itself to cook some of your favorite foods without having to use any oil (we are looking at you, deep fryer!). To dig a little deeper, the cooking chamber uses the heating element, which is usually placed very close to the food you have added to the deep fryer, so that your food is cooked efficiently. In addition, the fan will help distribute warm air all around the food. All this means that you do not to have use oil to get the "crunchy fried" flavor that you would normally have with chicken, chips, potato chips, etc. You can use a little bit of oil, though. More about it below!Q. Are air fryers less dangerous to use than fryers?A. Yes! And a lot less messy. According to the Celestial Chef, "The frying is messy and accompanied by serious safety precautions.The frying in the air, on the other hand, leaves you with very little cleaning and no risk of third degree burn, Bringing home fries into the area of ​​accessibility for after-school snacks or Munchie cravings at 4 am. "Q. What can my air fryer do except for frying? Can I use it as an oven or to make desserts?A. As Chef Celeste says, "… an air fryer is essentially a very efficient small convection oven". To this end, you can use your air fryer as a small convection oven to prepare treats such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies and even cannoli!Q. Everyone seems to be talking about air fryers these days. Is it really good for me?A. It's not so much that it's "good for you", it's just "better for you", especially when you compare it to a deep fryer. You use a ton of oil with a deep fryer and not really all oil when using the air fryer. This alone will help reduce fat while allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods such as fried chicken, fish, potato chips, steak and even cakes. Mmmmm the cake!Q. What do health experts say about cooking with an air fryer?A. We talked to Cynthia Sass, dietitian and nutritionist, for advice from an expert on the health benefits of cooking with an air fryer. As Sass puts it, "Air frying offers several nutritional benefits over traditional frying." Frying in the air saves calories because instead of dipping food in the kitchen, the air fry saves calories. oil, the machine produces a crisp texture by circulating hot air containing fine oil droplets.Because of this process requires significantly less oil, you save calories and fat , which can help support weight loss or prevent weight gain. "
Sass also added, "What is perhaps most significant, air fryers produce less acrylamide, a substance formed when carbohydrate foods are heated to a high temperature." has been associated with an increased risk of cancer and heart disease. A study found that frying in the air reduced acrylamide by 90% compared to frying. "
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Q. Do I need to add oil to the air fryer itself?A. The short answer is no. In fact, you should not add oil to the air fryer itself. After using your air fryer several times, if you feel that your food is still a bit too dry, you can still lightly coat your food with oil first. before placing it in the basket of the air fryer. The circulation of warm air will eliminate some of the oil, making it a better low-fat option for you. Celeste Celeste recommends investing in a spray-based spray. vegetable oil with high smoke point and neutral flavor. His favorite product is safflower oil or grape seed, but canola will do the trick. "You'll need to spray the basket to avoid sticking and spraying the surface of your food to ensure a crispy golden-like," she recommends.Q. Do air fryers cook faster than other cooking methods?A. Well, depending on the cooking method you are referring to, the answer is yes – usually. Air fryers are usually smaller (although there are very large versions) and their temperatures can range from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, air fryers reduce your average cooking time by 25% compared to your normal oven. As Chef Celeste has told us, "One benefit for all eager cooks, is the speed." Whether you bake or fry, you usually take a long time to preheat. Since you skip preheating with most air fryer models, the cooking time is much shorter.Q. Are deep fryers difficult to clean? Are they in the dishwasher?A. Always refer to the manual supplied with your specific air fryer brand, but overall they are quite easy to clean and many have removable parts that are dishwasher safe. If you clean it manually, unplug it first, then remove the basket and pan for a quick wash in the sink. Use a mild soap for the dishwasher, hot water and a non-abrasive brush or sponge to clean it lightly. Then rinse it, let it air dry or use a soft cloth to dry it. If you have stubborn food particles that are not easily removed, we suggest you soak them in hot water for about 5 to 10 minutes before continuing. clean.Pin it for later!

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