12 pounds of cocktail to enhance your bartending skills

From the city and the countryYou do not have to go to a chic cocktail bar to have a good drink. These books will show you how to prepare some of the tastiest and nicest cocktails you've ever seen, perfect for impressing your friends on your next holiday party. It can be hard to find a decent drink on a plane, and Road soda to you covered for this situation and more. Passionate about wine Kara Newman, Editor-in-Chief of Spirits, offers tips and recipes for making takeaway cocktails, including how to deal with the limited selection of a mini-bar in a hotel, for you to experience an experience exceptional consumption, wherever you are. This award-winning mix of cocktails by an iconic mixologist This year, Jim Meehan won the James Cookd Foundation Cookbook Award for beverages for a reason. From the history of the cocktail to the production of spirits, through the right arsenal of tools and, of course, over 100 recipes, some of which are original from Meehan himself, this book contains everything the serious bartender ( or the cocktail fan looking to become one) needs. The Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Daiquiri are just some of the oldest and best cocktails in the world, prepared with just three ingredients. Written by New York Times Robert Simonsen, contributor, presents 75 classic and contemporary beverage recipes that prove that it's really not always better. Using a format reminiscent of a reading club, expert in wines and cocktails, Maureen Christian Petrosky has written this guide to appreciate and try cocktails a group setting. It's a fun read divided by month, with recipes of drinks and food pairings. "You just have to continue to taste to discover for yourself" what you like, says Petrosky. "The way the book has been put in place encourages you to get involved and make drinks yourself, and every time you do something yourself, you always learn more!" This complete story of one of the world's oldest cocktails includes 50 recipes of classic variations and modern twists. Simonson explores recipes for versions such as Clint Eastwood (with green chartreuse), Absinthe Old-Fashioned and The Bartender (with Fernet Branca). We virtually guarantee that you will be able to find a version of this delicious classic cocktail that will please you. The authors and cocktail enthusiasts, David Solmonson and Lesley Jacobs Solmonson started with an innovative idea. Can we create a full home bar with only 12 bottles? In this book, they say that it can actually be so and that they offer instructions to mix smiles, toads, Manhattan, mint juleps and more, using only their limited inventory. There are some surprises – the gin made the cut but not the tequila – and each spirit has its own chapter. For fans of classics, this cocktail book is essential. Printed originally in 1930, this book details the cocktail creations and explorations of Harry Craddock, an American bartender who achieved iconic status when he left the United States during Prohibition to work at the Savoy Hotel in London. There he was credited for creating Corpse Reviver # 2 and popularizing the dry martini, as well as for writing one of the most timeless cocktail books in history. Is there a drink more preppy than gin and tonic? The authors Frédéric Du Bois and Isabel Boons are looking for the best blend of tonic and gin, the most appropriate garnish, and explain the history of this classic cocktail. They describe more than 60 gins and 20 tonics in detail and offer recipe combinations and must-have bars around the world. Greg Seider offers more than 50 recipes for cocktails, punches, alcohol infusions, bitters and dyes in this guide. , which features beautiful photographs of Noah Fecks. We particularly appreciate his guidebook "Constructing the Cocktail", which provides detailed instructions on creating a perfect drink. This book, written by bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler of Oregon, divides mixology into three phases; the first third is preparation (making juices, syrups, bitters and ice), the second section is measuring and mixing drinks, and the last section explores how the drink should be finished and served. It's a new unique way of looking at the subject. For those who want to wander the dark side of the bar, this cocktail book offers insight and inspiration from mixologist Brian Van Flandern. Easy-to-follow recipes for classics like the Old Fashioned and Mint Julep are interspersed with more adventurous preparations such as the fiery scotch cocktail known as the Blue Blazer, all illustrated by the stunning photography that made the cocktail series Assouline a bestseller If you want to get pro mixologist results, you need pro mixologist techniques. Think of this well-liked cocktail book as a bartender master class, describing every technique you need to prepare tab-worthy cocktails at home. Once you've mastered the techniques, develop the book's 500 recipes, where you're sure to find the perfect sip for each guest at your cocktail party.(# You might also like,,)