17 best mixers for 2019


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June 26, 2017, 20:47 GMT / Last updated on January 11, 2019, 15:01 GMT / Source: TODAY & # 39; HUIby Carley Knobloch, Donna Freydkin and Danielle Wolf healthy diet for the new year include a lot of green smoothies"If the answer is yes, here's some good news: we have tips to help you find the best blender for smoothies, drinks, soups and more. If you need one robust mixer, small mixerHere is your guide. "You have to ask yourself," What are you mixing? "said Lisa McManus, editor-in-chief of tastings and tests at America's Test Kitchen. "Are you someone who occasionally makes a pitcher of frozen drinks in the summer or do you have a smoothie every day or are you following a raw food diet? In this case, you'll probably want to invest a bit more.Our upscale The winner is Vitamix.It's a lot if you use it several times a year, but if you use it every day, it will rise.It is designed to be pounded every day. "Heritage Vitamix Professional Series 750 Mixer, $ 599, AmazonTODAY, editors, editors and experts are in charge of recommending the articles we really like and which, hopefully, you will like! For your information, TODAY has affiliate relationships. So, even if each product is independently selected, if you buy something through our links, we can generate a small share of revenue.

This is also available in copper finish for $ 649 at Amazonotand On the table.For less expensive mixers, McManus said, "Low-end models are slower and take longer to perform the same tasks." And, with regard to centrifuges, "You should look for a big opening so you do not have to pre-cut everything before you put them on," added McManus. "You want to be able to throw a half-apple." Make sure that they easy to clean and it's not a brain operation to separate them and put them back together. Otherwise, McManus warned, "You will never use them." With the help of his advice, we have rounded up the best places to buy the best mixers, at all prices.


From standard margarita mixers to powerful standard Ninjas, the giant online retailer offers the largest selection of centrifuges and mixers on the Internet. In addition, there are thousands of comments to help you refine your search, and Amazon Prime members will benefit from a free two-day expedition.

  • 1. Professional ninja counter mixer, $ 65 (usually $ 90), Amazon
  • This powerful machine removes ice and fruit in seconds for a perfect smoothie.

  • 2. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus, 850 Watt Juice Extractor, $ 146, Amazon
  • This juicer produces a full cup in just a few seconds. No wonder more than 5,000 people have left positive reviews.

  • 3. Proctor Silex 66331 Lemicade Stand Citrus Juicer by Alex, $ 20 (usually $ 23), Amazon
  • Nothing shouts a sunny day like your own lemonade. You can even make it more "adult" with a touch of vodka!

  • 4. Aicok Personal Blender, $ 15, Amazon
  • With a single serving design, this mixer has been designed for personal doses of superfoods.

  • 5. Oster Pro 1200 Blender, $ 79 (usually $ 90), Amazon
  • The simple but effective design comes with a smoothie cup and a food processor accessory, making this powerful mixer a great value.


    If you are looking for a reliable and unadorned mixer or centrifuge, Walmart is perhaps your best choice.

  • 1. Hamilton Beach Single Serving Blender, $ 20 (usually $ 25), Walmart
  • The mixing jar also serves as a travel mug, allowing you to feed quickly.

  • 2. 11-Piece Magic Bullet Mixer Set, $ 40 (usually $ 50), Walmart
  • This little gadget is today's editor's choice for everything from salsa to milkshakes.

  • 3. Cuisinart Smart Stick 200 Watt Hand Blender, $ 29 (usually $ 65), Walmart
  • It has two speeds and is ideal for quickly mixing something in a bowl.

    On the table

    This haven of peace for gourmets and home cooks sells an assortment of high-end products. But frequent sales make some of their products more affordable

  • 1. KitchenAid Diamond Blender, $ 95 (usually $ 170), On the table
  • The jug of this mixer is basically indestructible and the blades are sharp enough to slice everything.

  • 2. Vitamix Pro 750 Heritage Blender, $ 649 (usually $ 749), On the table
  • This is the Porsche mixers. He prepares dips, smoothies, soups, purees and just about anything you can dream with very little effort.


    With a combination of high-priced and low-cost items, Target is a one-stop shop for all mixing needs.

  • 1. Duo Ninja Smart Screen Screen Mixers, $ 150 (usually $ 170), Target
  • Use one of the intelligent programs designed by the chef (smoothie, ice-cold drink, ice cream and mashed potato) to prepare endless treats. With FreshVac, drinks stay fresh eight hours after their preparation, according to the brand.

  • 2. Baby Brezza Mixer and Food Processor, $ 134, Target
  • This machine to prepare baby food in one step can prepare up to four cups of delicious homemade baby food in minutes. By pressing a button, the machine automatically reduces food after steaming.

  • 3. KitchenAid Five Speed ​​Multifunction Blender, $ 79, Target
  • This blender comes with five built-in speeds – mix, chop, mix, mash and liquefy – to create a wide variety of recipes.

  • 4. Hamilton Crusher Wave Crusher Multifunction Blender, $ 35, Target
  • This little machine grinds the ice like a pro.

    Bath & Beyond Bed

    Bed Bath & Beyond is ideal for reasonably priced household items that do the job. With the coupons available, your order should be 20% off.

    Priced under $ 30, this countertop mixer is a great low budget option that still works well.

    This stylish mixer is also used as a kitchen décor. For more appliance recommendations, check out the articles below:To discover more offers, shopping tips and recommendations for cost effective products, subscribe to our Stuff We Love newsletter!