25 products that will help you be healthier and better in this new year


There are only a few days left until 2019, which means that people have already begun to prepare for New Year's resolutions.For some, the first day of the year will mark the beginning of an effort to get in shape – or at least to make healthier choices.To help you stick to the New Year's resolution, we've put together some of the products, articles and apps that fitness experts, reviewers and our own staff will help you transform your way of life.According to the performance training specialist in New York at Trained FusionChris Matsui, getting in shape is a matter of well-being – that everyone can do with the right products and tips. These are his recommendations"If you run out of time and need to exercise at home or in your hotel room, it's great workout equipment that can be used n & rsquo; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Anywhere for a full body workout, "Matsui told us. The lightweight sliders are great for exercising on the move, as they can turn any floor covering into a stable workout area. The slides can be used for various exercises, such as mountaineers, lunges and modified leg flexions. "This app makes training super easy for the user," said Matsui. "The FitBod app creates a custom program based on your goals, recovery level, available workout time, equipment and previous workout, and then inserts a specific program for you. " If you want to adjust the completed workout to add more glute, ab, or even cardio moves, just select the specific target you want more and FitBod will create a new routine for you. "The app also takes into consideration your levels of experience and may be the perfect help for teaching new workout sessions at the gym or working at home.

"Sleep is extremely underrated," Matsui told us. "Sleep better, you'll feel better, train better, eat better, perform better, etc." "A white noise machine is a great help in blocking disruptive sounds and LectroFan is a solution I highly recommend." , which comes with 20 different sounds, has four and a half stars on Amazon.You can buy it right hereMatsui said, "Meal kits are a simple way to eat healthy and not to waste food." In addition to Blue Apron, which will send you an "ever-changing mix of meat, fish and vegetarian recipes, as well as many guest favorites," Matsui also recommends Iron Chef and Plated, which makes it "very easy to prepare . " and to control your calories. "You can try Blue Apron right here, Iron Chief right here and plated right here.Matsui told us: "Make it as simple as possible and control your expectations.The results of the formatting on the social networks you see are not always as accurate as you think.With fitness you can browse the Search Google rabbit hole for hours and find different "best methods to train yourself." Instead, focus on your building habits, ie a twice-a-week workout for 30 minutes, no matter what you do. Just sweat, then keep building from there. "The goal is to focus on long-term habits and not on the short term. term fast solutions. "According to the physical therapist SPEAR, Marc Jacobchick, DPT, a decent lifestyle is not just about physical training. These are his product recommendations for a healthier new year.

The WHOOP watch is a fitness follower (WHOOP) More

WHOOP, called "The World's Most Powerful Fitness Membership," is a subscription-based fitness tracker that monitors heart rate and tells you how much stress your workout has had on your body. Jacobchick told us, "I like this product because simplifies fitness data into three categories: stress (exercise), recovery (rest), and sleep. It collects data 100 times per second using five sensors on the tape and uses this data to obtain information about each user. collection day, the WHOOP watch calculates the sleep time needed to recover the next day. "You can register. right here.

Mirror is a new home gym device (Mirror). More

"Mirror is an almost invisible home fitness product that broadcasts fitness classes and workouts," Jacobchick explained. "It has all the benefits of a virtual home fitness product with the diversity of trainers and courses to work on." The application trainers give specific instructions to make sure you understand each exercise and how it works. allow you to monitor your form Variety and accessibility are what sets this product apart from other home fitness products.The classes range from strength to cardio bootcamp to boxing, depending on the type of equipment you use. The training you want is also compatible with most Bluetooth devices, heart rate monitors. "When enabled, the mirror broadcasts subscription-based classes in your home. When this option is disabled, it looks like a standard mirror. You can buy it. right here.

Ulla tracks your water consumption (Amazon) More

Ulla was created for you to drink more water throughout the day and keep track of your consumption. "This product can be combined with anything you drink to measure your fluid intake." Jacobchick said. "There are other products that measure how much you drink in a bottle, but this device can be used to track what you drink what you drink.It's simple and relatively inexpensive compared to other hydration products. " You can buy there right here.

Jacobchick said, "Your ability is directly affected by your ability to rest and recover.Quality sleep is an important part of any workout program.With Sleep Cycle, your habits and movements throughout the night are tracked for your assessment when you wake up It uses your phone's microphone to detect your breathing and movements and determine the sleep phase you are in. The alarm you set will wake you up during the optimal phase of your sleep. sleep in a 30-minute window that you have set., and record your snoring if you pay for the premium version of the app. "You can download it right here.

The Rock's headphones are created with Under Armor (Under Armor) More

"These headphones are part of Dwayne Johnson's Project Rock Movement and are built to withstand all that your workout requires.The ear pads are breathable and lightweight and can be easily removed and washed after intense workouts. are Bluetooth with a battery life of 16 hours to ensure that they will not die in mid-session.In addition, the speakers are manufactured by JBL and are therefore of good quality. " You can buy them right here.According to the personal trainer and founder of the gym Very personal trainingDani Tsukerman, comfort is an essential element of well-being and exercise. These are his product recommendations.

I could not manage without my Airpod, "Tsukerman told us. I like not having a cord to annoy me, run, push and pull, and that I do not need my phone on me. I hate working with me other than my clothes. "You can buy AirPods right here.

"If you were thinking of investing in equipment, you would definitely need a TRX suspension trainer," Tsukerman said. "They are very versatile and you can take them anywhere to do a workout, I took them on vacation and that's the only thing I need.You can get a full body workout with only this device , Work only the main muscles, but all the stabilizing muscles, and you will never get bored because there is an infinity of exercises that you can do with the TRX.After seven years, it is still my equipment favorite and it's a favorite of all our customers in the studio. "You can buy it right here.According to nutritionist Libby Parker, MS, RD, wellness is about maintaining a healthy relationship with food and how it feeds your body. It's the food tracking application that she recommends.

This app allows you to track food intake without counting caloriesMore

"This food tracking and mood app does not use numbers for calories, macros or pickups," Parker told us – that's why she recommends it. "It's designed to help you improve your relationship with food by giving you room to note triggers, messy behaviors, hunger, what you've eaten, and allowing you to contact your dietitian to share what you ate in real time. " for Parker, she uses the app for customers who have messy behavior, but also recommends it to those looking to find out what they're eating.He also recommends using the app via apps that track the number of calories, which "contributes tremendously to the development and perpetuation of eating disorders." You can download it from the App Store or learn more right here.According to the New York City Equinox personal trainer, Rob Arreaga, supplements are essential when it comes to fitness and health, along with other workout equipment. These are his product recommendations for getting in shape.

A foam roller can help relieve muscle pain (Amazon)

"A foam roller is essential if you are just starting to train, or if you are a regular at the gym," said Arreaga about the product used for massage of sore muscles. Foam rollers have become more and more popular to them for the relief of muscle soreness after a workout. In addition to offering the same feel as a deep massage, the foam rollers also help with muscle recovery after a workout. You can buy a foam roller. right here.

A rower is perfect for a full body workout (Amazon). More

If you have money, a rower is a great investment for a complete cardio body workout, "said Arreaga. In addition to the basic strength, the indoor rowers also work the upper and lower body. They also have a relatively small impact compared to other workouts, while offering potential for results. You can buy it. right here.

Creatine helps increase muscle mass (Amazon) More

Creatine is used to improve muscle mass and stamina as well as to increase strength, according to Arreaga, who recommends it to anyone who works, regardless of their level of fitness. You can buy it. hbefore.

Amino acids help the body recover after a workout (Amazon) More

"Bcaas (branched-chain amino acids) are essential for training," Arreaga explained. It usually drinks a portion before and after the workout because amino acids help fight fatigue and prevent muscle pain. You can buy the supplement. right here.

Lululemon tights are perfect for bodybuilding (Lululemon). More

"Lululemon leggings all day, they're soft and never tear," Arreaga said. "I usually wear mine under shorts." They are also good for grabbing the floor of the gym without slipping, which is necessary as I get up without sneakers. "Lululemon also has Women's leggings and yoga pants.You can buy them right here.According to American editor Dave Maclean, these are some of the elements he relies on to stay in shape.

Wrist straps can prevent injury when lifting weight (Amazon). More

"If you're in weightlifting, controlling your fitness is the most important thing to avoid injuries." Counting on products to avoid injury is not the best idea, but using them to get much needed support is fine I took these wrists- The belts after suffering tendonitis caused by the pressure of the bar during the bench press are thick, well made with a wide velcro band and help me keep my wrists in the correct position during my workouts.The black and green stripes design is attractive without being embarrassing, "he said. You can buy them right here.

Muscle Milk offers a boost of protein (Amazon) More

"Getting protein within 30 minutes of resistance training is important for providing amino acids to your muscles, but after an intense blast in the gym, you may not want to eat chicken. , eggs and spinach immediately, "he said. . "The Pro Series formula is my favorite: it contains 32 g of protein (a chicken breast contains about 54 g), it is fairly light and contains only 160 calories and its taste is good enough that I can sometimes use one between snack meals if I bought a big, multi-pack online without dairy products. "You can buy it right here.

Lifts will help you improve your weightliftingMore

"As a beginner, it can be confusing to choose the weightlifting program to try.There are conflicting theories, preferences and recommendations – but the most important thing is perhaps to take the habit of The Stronglifts 5×5 app is highly recommended because there are only five elevators to perfect and you start by lifting the weight bar and then increasing by 5lb each session. The app really keeps you hands off as a beginner, you're stuck, you pause the increments until you can handle the elevator, and if you still can not perform the lift. lift after three sessions, the application will ask you to download.If you skip the gym for more than 10 days, this will also remind you to charge your computer to a reasonable level and take oin your periods of rest between sets to make sure you do not exercise too much or too badly. "You can download the application right here.

"A good sleep is the foundation of a healthy life, but it can sometimes be difficult to fall asleep after a difficult day. Using a diffuser with a lavender essential oil really helps, and this particular pattern illuminates – and can go from one color to another, it fills your perfume room. It runs for several hours on a typical fill and is very easy to open and clean. "The diffuser also has four timer settings, so you can set it so that it turns on as soon as you walk through the door. You can buy it right here.These products are also worth investing if your goal is to integrate health and fitness into the New Year.

Elbow sleeves help relieve tension in your arms during a workout (Amazon). More

The elbow sleeves are a great investment if you're lifting heavy weights, playing sports such as basketball or just want more protection for the joints. Sleeves are also useful for those who suffer from conditions such as tendonitis of the elbow, as this support will reduce the pain during a workout. On Amazon, the Mava sports headlines are rated four and a half stars, with nearly 800 reviews. You can buy them right here.

A Fitbit can help you track and monitor your workouts (Amazon). More

The Fitbit can be an extremely useful tool when integrated with a healthy lifestyle – because it can track useful information about your body and your workouts. In addition to the battery that lasts nearly a week, the Fitbit can track your heart rate and movements. It also comes with an app matching the watch and able to record information on power and water consumption. The watch will also remind you if you have been sitting too long.You can buy the Fitbit right here.

Hydroflask keeps cold water (Amazon) More

Water is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but it can be difficult to consume the recommended daily intake. However, water bottles such as the Hydroflask make it easier because it really keeps the water cold. According to critics, the ice added to the water bottle will still be half a day later, which will allow to drink all the water you need without having to worry about filling your glass. On Amazon, the Hydroflask has four and a half stars and nearly 4,000 reviews. You can buy it. right here.

A yoga mat is ideal for stretching or floor exercises (Amazon). More

Even if you do not practice yoga, a yoga mat should be added to your gym bag because it provides the perfect surface for stretching or other exercises. A yoga mat also helps to train you. Wherever, like padding means you will not have to make planks on parquet at home.This comes with a strap for easy transport and transport.You can buy it. right hereFor other useful products to help you stay fit in this new year, you can also check out our recommendations for: best centrifuges, best headphones being run, best food robots, and best vegetarian cookbooks.