The 10 most popular cocktails for 2019, according to the bartenders

Cocktails It can all be a question of personal preference, but some recipes stand the test of time – be they delicious or just classic. To clarify which popular cocktails were chosen for 2019, this is the best-selling classic in the world. cocktails in the world, International drinks asked the best bartenders in the world what they thought – and did. According to the bartenders of 127 of the best bars in 38 countries, they are the 10 best-selling cocktails, according to Internal business – and they are surprisingly similar to last year's list, proving that some cocktails will always be fashionable.1. In the old

The Old Fashioned is the best-selling cocktail in the world (Stock) More

The classic beverage based on whiskey, bitters and confused sugar tops the list for the fifth year in a row. Although sometimes made from cognac, the classic version remains the most popular in the world.

Best spirits to make cocktails, according to a world-class bartender

2. NegroniNegroni, which consists of gin, vermouth rosso and Campari, has remained in second place for five years.3. Whiskey SourThe classic drink made from whiskey, lemon juice, sugar and casual egg white is the third most popular classic cocktail this year. It also means that whiskey drinks are two of the top three places.4. Daiquiri

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Although it may seem more suitable for a beach, daiquiri, based on rum, simple syrup and lime juice, remains a world classic. cocktail, coming in fourth place on this year's list.5. ManhattanThe classic Manhattan was named by 40% of the bartenders surveyed – proving its interest in the cocktail of vermouth, whiskey and bitters.6. Dry martiniWhether due to the lasting influence of James Bond or not, the classic dry martini is a beloved beverage – though it has lost popularity since last year.7. Espresso Martini

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Although a relatively newcomer, the vodka and sugar syrup-based coffee cocktail showed its endurance – after gaining two spots on the list this year compared to last year.8. Margarita

The classic margarita is the only tequila-based cocktail in the top 10 (Stock) More

The proof that tequila has its place on the list of the best-selling cocktails, the MargaritaTraditionally made with tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice, it is ranked eighth in 2019.9. Aperol SpritzThis is the first time that the Aperol Spritz, consisting of prosecco, soda and Aperol, is in the top 10. Although a classic, it has recently gained popularity since its appearance on the cocktail scene in the 50s.10. Moscow Mule

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The Moscow mullet is for those who like the taste of ginger – and it seems to have a lot. The blend of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice may have lost two places on last year's list, but support free journalism and subscribe to Independent MindsYou can see the full list of the 50 best-selling classic cocktails for 2019 in the January issue of International drinks.