Our 10 most pinned food ideas from 2018

Given allusions to pretty, fashionable foods, which of our food ideas were the most thorny? Keep reading for our best of the year from 10 to one. 10. How to cook lobster tails You sometimes feel the need to cook a little more sophisticated. Enter the lobster tails! We showed you how to cook them in many ways and even how to cut a lobster tail and a butterfly as you see in seafood restaurants. We know you keep such meals for special occasions. We are delighted that you have consulted our tips for making a successful lobster tail. 9. Family Games Night There is not much else that brings the family together, as well as food and games. You wanted to help us plan a fun game night. So we've come up with simple decorating ideas, new games to try and our best portable gaming recipes to keep your hands free to play. 8. Slow Cooker Desserts Your passion for slow cooker has remained strong in 2018. Our easy-to-use, slow cooker desserts are ranked eighth among the most popular pins for a reason. You can make sweets, bread puddings, cheese cakes, etc. with the help of your favorite little kitchen appliance. Related: 12 test cooking tips for the success of slow cooking 7. Holiday Cookie Pizza Back! This festive cookie pizza stormed 2017 and she did not want to go away. It is not surprising that you like it. With only a handful of ingredients and minimal preparation time, you can present this wonderful dessert at a Christmas party. Bonus: Changing the color of candies on top makes it work for all holidays. We see you coming, Valentine's Day. 6. Cinnamon pancakes Do not let the image fool you. These are do not your usual pancakes. A whirlwind of cinnamon and brown sugar and a cream cheese icing give the breakfast staple a taste equal to cinnamon and pancake. This is our new favorite mashup for breakfast. Related: Our best pancake recipes 5. Bagel Brunch Hmm, another idea of ​​breakfast. Do we feel a trend here? We are here with you. The meal that starts our day can determine whether it will be a good day or a bad day. This brunch plan could not be simpler. Fill up on your favorite bagels and be creative with spreads and bites. We even shared invitation ideas. 4. How to cook pork chops The number four is a classic weekday dinner: pork chops cooked in the oven. Sometimes you need a simple and friendly idea with ingredients already present in your kitchen. This is exactly what you will learn how to cook chops (including an appropriate internal temperature for cooking). 3. Bourbon Caramel Apples What, do not you usually take your apples with bourbon? Get ready to do it regularly with this innovative idea for caramel-filled apples. We promise you that you can really taste bourbon. Related: Fashionable recipes that you have to taste 2. Egg rolls with apple pie The only traditional thing in this egg roll recipe is the wrapping for egg rolls. After that, it's basically all the apple pie! A big apple filled with cinnamon sugar and a caramel frosting makes it a dessert that kills food with one hand. 1. Monogram and Number Cakes And the # 1 most pinned item of 2018 … these great (not to say delicious) cakes in the form of letters or numbers to create monograms or celebrate birthdays. Edible flowers, macaroons and fruit decorating cakes have surely stopped your scroll. Congratulations, nice cakes, you are # 1 at a time and your choice of Pinterest followers.