The 18 most popular recipes of Brit + Co in 2018


Item 1 / 19A As the new year approaches food trends, cooking tips and bites of the kitchen, we would like to mention the recipes we have most loved in the last 12 months. In 2018, the readers of Brit + Co were really interested egg dishes, vegan desserts and all low carb – and U.S. too. Here are our 18 best recipes of 2018.

Article 2/19Ramekin eggs cooked under pressure: Use your pressure cooker to prepare elegant eggs in a casserole in just five minutes. We like sauteed mushrooms and chives, but you can use all the supplements of your choice. And certainly serve with toast for dipping.

Article 3/19Best grilled cheese: What is the secret of a grilled cheese sandwich leveled? More cheese. Butter the outside of the bread and sprinkle with parmesan to get a sticky sandwich inside and extra-crispy on the outside.

Article 4/19Zoodles foolproof: Do you like zucchini noodles but do not feel too confident in the cooking process? Here's how to cook spiral zoodles and cook them in three ways: in a frying pan, in boiling water and in a pasta sauce.

Article 5/19Bulletproof iced vanilla coffee: This slightly sweet iced coffee, made from butter and MCT oil, is a recipe that we will definitely be conducting in 2019.

Article 6/19Vegan ice cream with 2 ingredients: Our beautiful cream comes with a blend of bananas and dairy-free milk, which makes it healthy enough for breakfast and versatile enough to hold your favorite vegan fillings, such as chocolate sauce, nut whipped cream coconut and sprinkles.

Article 7/19Whole30 Zoodle Chicken Soup: Begin 2019 with a comfy favorite for 2018: a fragrant, vegetable-rich broth, with lean chicken breast and vibrant green zoodles.

Article 8/19Bites of vegan cookie dough: This egg-free recipe means you can eat raw cookie dough without worry. Garnish mouthfuls of almond flour, maple syrup, almond butter and chocolate chips with layered sea salt to bring out the sweetness of the dough.

Article 9/19Portuguese Vegan Soup at Kale: Feel less than your best? This slightly spicy soup, filled with nourishing vegetables and vegan sausages, heals all wounds.

Article 10/19Crunchy chicken legs with honey and lemon: Let the crispy chicken legs, cooked in a honey and lemon frying pan sauce, be your go-to date on weekday evenings for which you need something simple and reliable.

Article 11/19Shakshuka Green: Give Tomato Shakshuka a dynamic touch with this tasty pan of tomatillos, leafy vegetables, aromatic spices and liquid eggs.

Article 12/19Tacos Keto Steak With Cheese Shells: A little-known secret: If you fill crisp cheddar cheese shells with a tender steak, diced veggies and all the toppings, you'll forget about any tortillas.

Article 13/19Shrimp Fajitas: Citrus marinated peppers, onions and shrimp can all be roasted on a single dish, making these fajitas the perfect entertainment dish. Place the pan on a table with tortillas and fajita fillings, and you can prepare your own plates.

Article 14/19Ricotta pancakes with ricotta: The secret of these ricotta crepes lighter than air is the fresh meringue, which is gently incorporated into the dough just before cooking. Add maple syrup, whipped cream, fresh fruit and edible flowers to your hot rolls for a photo-worthy breakfast.

Article 15/19Keto Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps: The easy-to-carry lettuce leaves are the perfect lunch for the office. Store them in your office bag for an easy meal, cheese and low carb.

Article 16/19Baked beans with slow cooking: Give your bean bag a big boost with molasses, brown sugar and lots of spices, all cooked in a slow cooker for smoother, smoother comfort.

Article 17/19Eggs with bacon and cheese: Baked in golden clouds, morning bacon and eggs are remarkably worthy of a wow.

Article 18/19The best egg white omelette: Whip the egg whites until stiff peaks form (as if you were making meringue), then cook the mixture as a traditional omelette. Say hello to a cloud-shaped dish that you only thought possible in your dreams.

Article 19/19Fall quinoa salad: This vegan, gluten-free and high-fiber quinoa salad is a blank canvas for your favorite ingredients. Follow our recipe or use the fruits, vegetables, nuts and vinaigrette you have on hand.Want more original recipes from Brit + Co? follow us on Pinterest!(Photos via Brit + Co)