The Impossible Burger Team arrives for your steak Next

Impossible Foods – the people behind the impossible herbal burger strongly-hyped – is more than a catchy name. The company is trying to do the "impossible", namely to create herbal meat substitutes that taste identical to the real meat. How far they have come so far is a matter of personal opinion – a personal opinion that could continue to change as the brand begins to deploy its Impossible Burger "2.0" recently updated this week. But even as the brand continues to refine its iconic burger, Impossible Foods is targeting an even more "impossible" price … an herbal steak. As trendy as herbal burgers in recent years, the "vegan burger" as we casually called it, is not new. According to Smithsonianthe first commercially available version was launched in 1982, and vegetable-based hamburger recipes date back to the 1960s. But herbal steaks – those that mimic meat – are much rarer. The reasons are obvious: even though a hamburger can be pretty much any ground cake placed between a bun and concealed with as many fillings as you like, a steak puts the beef bare. a recent conversation with the spoonPat Brown, founder and CEO of Impossible Foods, explained that the additional challenge of steak did not intimidate him. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it. "When we started building the technology platform, we were not focused on ground beef. It was a strategic choice when we chose the product that, in our opinion, would have the greatest disruptive impact on our mission. But in the meantime, the knowledge gained about the flavor of meat is, in most cases, extremely applicable, "he explained. He went on to say, "We're starting to think about bringing some of the research leads together … to work on what's called" whole cuts "of beef – which are like slices and steaks and things like that . House. "The next new categorical product we'll be launching will almost certainly look like an ox steak," Brown said. "It has tremendous symbolic value … If we can prepare an extraordinarily delicious, world-class steak … it will be a great disruption not only to the beef industry, but to other areas of the meat industry as well." complete video interview here.) Brown does not indicate when such a steak might be available, but the Impossible Burger only exists since 2016. "Impossible Steak 1.0" could arrive sooner than expected.