This guy lost 133 pounds by exchanging quick meals for home cooking

Men's healthAt 348 pounds, Fitzroy Powell, Jr. nixed the drive-through, and regained his life. When learning to cook, he lost more than 130 pounds. That's his story, told Maria Masters.I was always heavy, but my weight did not always bother me. In high school, I played defensive tackle and my 5'10, 315-pound frame was actually an advantage on the court. Of course, I had fat on me, but I was strong and active. All this changed in 2014, once I started my studies. Not only did I stop playing sports, but I also started to wonder why I was going to school. I felt no direction, so I was looking for comfort in the dining room, where I ate the whole menu: pizza, chicken, hamburgers, cakes. Over the next two years, I put an extra 30 pounds.

Things came to a critical point in the spring of 2017. I was halfway to college and I was working in a local movie theater where I was eating leftover popcorn and snacks after my closing . One night, instead of going straight home, I stopped at Taco Bell and ordered almost everything on the menu. I ate most of the food during the return trip and disposed of the remains later that night. Then, a few hours later, I ate again. That night, I had a stomach ache. I remember thinking about Why am I doing this to myself? Finally, I thought that was enough. I knew I had to make a change. At that time, I had 348 pounds.
The first thing I did was to cut sodas and other sugary drinks and replace them with water. It seemed like the easiest change to make and I had to save my calories for food. I also stayed away from driving and I started cooking all my own meals. The weight began to melt. I am now 23 years old and I have lost 133 pounds. The cooking is much simpler than people who do not cook because there are no rules! You are preparing to eat, and as long as you do not burn the house, you are free to have it as you see fit. I usually take a day to prepare meals for the week and this saves me money and time. I now find joy in the kitchen because I know it helps me in my journey. There are so many quick and easy recipes that make cooking easy. My current choice: stuffed peppers stuffed with turkey and some cheese on top. Healthy, easy, satiating!(# You might also like,,)