In 2019, it's time to start taking care of yourself


The beginning of a new year can bring even the most rational of us to start mass buying newspapers and bullet calendars in a futile attempt to reorganize and reevaluate our lives. "This year, we think," I will become a better version of myself "(whatever that means); "This year, I'll go to the gym three times a week" (which will last until February, max); or – a personal favorite – "this year, I will read, look and listen to everything in trends and news" (I will become superhuman). L & # 39; Independent lifestyle, we believe that life is stressful enough without the added guilt of attempting a personality transplant in the second second on December 31st at midnight. So, instead of telling you how to change and what to buy must If you do not want to end up as Miss Havisham stuck in time with spider webs growing, we decided to define what the Zeitgeist will propose – so you can make your own decision as to what's going on. You have to buy. Fashion, Food and Tech seem to be constantly moving forward. So much so that we are talking about "Christmas in July" and look forward to launching life-changing products and speculating on the styles that will be available in stores for next summer. (The shot "Last season" exists among obsessed fashion for a reason). So, by consulting our esteemed experts across all sections of the Lifestyle Desk, we've come together to predict the biggest trends to watch for in 2019 can choose your preferences. One thing is certain, starting in 2019: it will be an enlightened year. So, if you want to avoid giving the impression that you are still living at a time when it was acceptable to throw away your garbage without filtering it, to wear endangered animals in mantle or to eat mass farmed fish , listen. From veganism to without plasticecological travel in decent fashion, it's time to start taking care of yourself. Here's your unique guide to lifestyle evolution in 2019.If you hear a lot the word "vegan" in 2018, get ready for a plant-based utopia starting in January, while the way of life without meat becomes popular. .With more and more reports on the acceleration of climate change, the devastating effects of fishing on the industrial scale and the impact of our lifestyle choices on the environment, food will only go in one direction in 2019 and it is more sustainable.The good news is that it will be easier than ever to be environmentally conscious about your diet, as meat and fish substitutes become better and more widely available (lab fish is the next big thing) and more vegan and vegetarian options are on the menu of traditional restaurants. (Even KFC!In 2019, we will also question the origin and ingredients of all our foods. That means it's not fair goodbye to palm oil (even if, in fact, people still use palm oil?) – Some restaurants have even wondered how brunch was a staple. the lawyer has an impact on the environment. Millennials, buckle up. Environmentalism does not only mean what you buy, but also what to import. While large supermarkets have committed to being largely plastic-free, by 2025, Independent stores nationwide have proved that it could be achieved much sooner. From reusable coffee cups to tote bags and Tupperware, the only drawback is that we will all carry our cookware like packs of horses.

Reusable coffee cups are more popular than ever. In 2019, there is no excuse not to jump on board (Getty). More

As for what we are going to eat, CBD is the acronym of the day. CBD, or cannabis oil, is the non-psychoactive chemical compound that we find in the marijuana plant. She is about to explode on all fronts, from beauty products to drinks, snacks and baked goods, which will relax you but will not leave you, already cooked. Already used in Covent Garden's herbal restaurant by Chloé, which offers desserts impregnated with CBD, as well as Holland and Barrett in gummy candies and even at Ocado in Love, spring water of hemp, expects that this will become a regular addition to the menus on this side of the pond in January. It is said to have multiple benefits, including improved digestion and reduced pain, as well as soothing properties. Whether it's to ease our growing anxiety or simply to become a fad, only 2019 will say the same. As for the flavors, the food is about to deteriorate. fermented – which is much more appealing than it appears. Think of Korean-inspired dishes contrasting the sweetness of dried shrimp with vinegar. And as YouGov estimates that the food retail sector will grow by a billion pounds by 2019, our obsession with takeaway will not be dispelled by what we are going to order.

They see me rolling

The facial massage will transform your beauty routine (Getty) More

Just like for food, the world of beauty is about to become a green finger as your local gardener. Expect beauty-free beauty to change the way we buy and use beauty products next year, as consumers seek sustainability rather than reputation ecological brands like Lush to open the way (their foundation and corrector without packaging is already a success). Get ready to see more and more independent brands and existing brands reevaluate their packaging. And, just as our food will ferment, so does skin care. Filled with good bacteria, fermented skincare is known to have a similar effect on the skin, like kombucha on the intestines. Think of a nice belly rub for your face. No matter who else becomes obsessed with jade rolls in 2018? We have certainly done so, and if you have not adopted the surprisingly therapeutic practice, now is the time.

Cannabis oil has already appeared in all areas, from beauty to snacks (Getty). More

Facial massage is about to transform your beauty routine. Massaging your serum or moisturizer with these tools can have many benefits, such as greater skin penetration, firming and even a reduction in acne. Whole lounges are open dedicated to the concept. Face Gym offers "non-invasive facial training" and focuses on tools and massages on products to create lifting and firming results. At home, this will result in an electronic skin care boom, Nuface's electronic light therapy masks. If that's enough for Madonna … As for the rest of the body, we are all a little tired of the conventional gym. So expect alternative exercises in the form of Ninja Warrior (yes, really), Flykick and even cardio on demand – exercise classes that we can follow live from the comfort of our living room without even having to leave the house. Ideal for January fitness enthusiasts in good weather. We will definitely participate in that one!

Back to the future

Amazon Echo: the beginning of the future … or just a little scary? (Getty) More

In 2018, we finally sat down and saw the potentially devastating effect of technology on civilization and our personal lives. Are we finally going to do something about this in 2019? In fact, we will most likely see technological infiltration into even deeper into our livesattaching ourselves to our bodies and letting ourselves into our homes. Smart homes will see the beginnings of a future similar to Matrix, which is proving too beneficial to withstand our hectic lives. Amazon already offers the possibility of synchronize Alexa with our bellsmicrowaves, vacuum cleaners, TVs and light bulbs, as well as Google's new Home Hub, which can be customized to show you the news and your favorite recipes, television and music, can also hold longer conversations and memorize your choices. The locksmiths are even involved. Yale offers digital locks that allow supermarkets like Ocado to enter our home and unpack all our purchases while we're at work. Practical or scary? We will let you decide. The new year will also see the first driverless car cross the Edinburgh Forth Bridge. Although it is proven that it is much safer, we need some time to understand the concept. Anyway, it looks like these hackney carts have more to worry about than Uber.

A case to remember

New features reducing ghosting could change the online dating experience (Getty) More

The ramp-up of dating apps seemed to allow a lot of crawling creatures to come out of the proverbial woodwork and slip right into our DMs. And for 2019, we tell them all: "Goodbye, Felipe". Features that limit phantom images and other gross behaviors will become the mainstays of dating applications, while platforms such as Hinge will see us avoid superficiality pairing based purely on the length of the beard and the smizing ability while deep profiles become more and more preferable. Technology will help our love life in other ways too. Amazon's Alexa and Google Home Start Predicting Sexual Chemistry in potential matches, saving us a lot of time and effort. For people already in relationship, these applications will allow us to know if things are heading south. Brutal but strangely attractive.

The least traveled road

According to our travel office, Rotterdam is the unsung hero of the Netherlands (Getty). More

Travel is becoming more and more conscious as vacationers become aware of the effects of Excess of tourism and the inhabitants of prestigious beaches and resorts like Venice, Lisbon and Dubrovnik begin to defend themselves. Looking for the road less traveled will become the responsible and trendy thing to do. Our travel office predicts Rotterdam pleads for an alternative in Amsterdamand finally, thanks to the recent boom in restaurant openings, these Instagram-friendly channel houses, the burgeoning craft beer scene and a direct Eurostar service. Elsewhere in Europe, Plovdiv, Bulgaria – European Capital of Culture in 2019 – will be the next competitor of the big cities with its beautiful Roman ruins and nightlife at an irresistible price. Aqaba will open to British tourists With new direct flights from easyJet and upon arrival in Brazil, access to the mainland will become as accessible as Norwegian launches its cheap long-haul flights to Rio in March. Our obsession with Slip will see platforms like Instagram let us "book now". When we arrive at our destinations, Airbnb will have to face the strong competition of the micro-hotel. This pod-shaped accommodation offers all the frills of an expensive stay at a much more reasonable price (and at the least pressure), as hoteliers reflect our preference for comfort before the space. For trendy luxury, look for The Hoxton, Mama Shelter and Room Mate hotels.


Seen everywhere on SS19 tracks, coral is the color that will make you spend the summer (Getty). More

Remember when you could not swing a cat for all the millennial rose that popped up all over the high street? Well get ready for the 2019 version of that with The Pantone color of the year: the coral. Already huge in the scene of beauty on the lips, cheeks and eyes, the coral comes out of your grand-boy's bathroom and dresses on your clothes, so stock up early. In summer, the coral will turn orange orange. SS19 parades on everything, shirts with costumes, especially by the leader of the street style Balenciaga. And yes, the women's pantsuit is not going anywhere, but this year it's not so much about pastel pink as bright and vibrant colors. Thought A hard worker meet Piet Mondrian. For those who have less desire to dress like a fruit punch, the confident camel tones observed at Burberry and Max Mara will also be there for the spring. Phew. Now a wedding guest favorite, the faithful combination Stella McCartney's spring / summer parade, featuring battle pockets, has evolved into a straight leg style, as boiler suits are a powerful argument for Rosie the Riveter's aesthetic. The pink version of Urban Outfitter has already proven itself. On the textile front, neoprene will be ubiquitous, seen on the podiums of Calvin Klein and Sportmax, and lace and crochet will come out of the winter for a makeover thanks to Victoria Beckham, Erdem and Chloe. Sustainability will also affect the world of fashion, because concerns over the use of fur eventually lead designers to seek more ethical options and department stores are forced to respond to claims that they do not do not do enough to reduce waste and tackle the problem. consequences of fast fashion. Expect to see recycling initiatives, more vintage clothing stored in big-box stores and an increase in eco-friendly brands and product lines, such as H & M Conscious and Monki Cares. As we begin to tire of social media influencers, get ready for the boom of the so-called nanoinfluencer: normal people to normal followers to whom brands will send free items, exchanging free gifts for a free promotion. Is it the end of being able to trust anyone on the social? Blinkers, people.

The future is feminine

Protesters at London Women's Walk in January (Getty) More

The year 2018 has been nicknamed "the year of the woman" and, in many ways, she has been. The women stood up and said Time is up on sexism, the centenary of women's participation in the vote was widely celebrated with statues and rallies and Ireland voted overwhelmingly for eighth amendmentAlthough much has been done, much remains to be done and 2019 will be about imposing measures – from workplace equality to transparency and inclusivity, while trans rights and non-trans rights become a key feminist priority and Bame women have bigger platforms. Movements like me too will seek to develop beyond their original intent and lead to tangible and direct change. So, do not throw away your pussy hat and your sign yet.