What food from the Super Bowl does the N.J. search for before all others? This is not lentil soup, we can tell you that (sorry, Montana)


What are you waiting for this Sunday of the Super Bowl? Is it guacamole? Wings? With the help of research data for the Super Bowl 53, Google Trends has created a map of the most popular recipes in the United States. For each state, the map shows the recipe for people searched on Google above other places. This does not mean that they are the most consumed foods in each state, but simply the most sought after with respect to the national interest for the same foods. Where did New Jersey land on this map? A Buffalo Chicken Diving. It was the same result for Connecticut. , while New York, the home proclaimed Buffalo Wings (which would have been created in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, when Teressa Bellissimo imagined a last minute recipe to quell the hunger of her son Dominic's friends), actually finished with spinach dip. Pennsylvania, meanwhile, loves chicken wings and Delaware is somehow a chocolate peanut butter cake. Other states where Buffalo chicken dip was the best result: Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Kansas and Wisconsin. Here's the recipe for Frank RedHot's Buffalo Chicken Dip. Here is one of AllRecipes.com; here is one from Good Cookery; That's Maine's passion for paella, while Maryland and Michigan are salivating at a pizza. Iowa is a big fan of Irish stew and Vermont lives for lasagna. The 33 best wings of the NJ, just in time for the 2019 Super Bowl. Some strangely more accurate results have been a "vegan cheese bacon spinach dip" in Nevada and gluten-free pretzels in Massachusetts. Others were quite vague, like "cake," as was the case in Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Wyoming, and Washington State. In the dessert department, Oregon has dramatically reduced the number of banana breads, just like Hawaii with the football cakes. The other foods seemed eerily healthy. or off-theme for the Super Bowl, such as Montana lentil soup and Idaho's "salads" (North Carolina had Cobb salad). Consider California: "Baked Chicken Breasts". The confusing result of Mississippi: cereal bars, states like Utah, we ask, "wait, what is it?" Its most popular food is bacon-wrapped smokies, which are cocktail sausages or small sausages (Lit'l Smokies, as the Hillshire Farm appellation calls them smoked mini-sausages), sprinkled with brown sugar and wrapped in bacon. Nebraska, however, prefers ordinary pigs in a blanket. New Mexico prefers pea and pepper purees. Of course, like anything that attracts attention on social media, the Google map has been appropriately ridiculed and criticized. Spencer Hall According to SB Nation sports websites and every day should be Saturday, the map (see the tweet below) has been parodied. According to Hall, the food in New Jersey should be "Eyyyyyy Chips". Pennsylvania: soup for demolition. Oklahoma: peanuts from the circus. Minnesota: Fiber One bars. Iowa: canned peas in a cup. Kentucky: Kale chips. Illinois: "FARM WITHOUT FOOD." Indiana: "Ham bricks". Georgia: "Dorito Salad". Nevada: cigarette butts. New Mexico: "Spicy Toad Consumption". Texas: "That bastard on the other side of the street." Consider your living room as if it was its own state (because it's clear). What will be the most popular food on your Super Bowl night? Do you have any advice? Amy Kuperinsky can be reached at akuperinsky@njadvancemedia.com. Follow her on Twitter @ AmyKup or on Facebook. Get the latest updates directly in your inbox. Subscribe to NJ.com newsletters.