Is it possible to cook each individual Ina Garten recipe?


From Town & CountryTrent Pheifer is on a mission to pave the way through the drink Ina Garten & # 39; s favorite drink from the famous chef Ina Garten, from honey Bourbon vanilla cake, to sausage fillet rigatoni, to mustard-roasted fish . For four years, the 33-year-old New Yorker has been on a committed journey to make each of his 1,200 recipes from his culinary idol. He does the dishes in his apartment and documents every meal, success or failure, on his Instagram account @StoreBoughtIsFine. The name is a tribute to the recognizable culinary ethos of the Food Network star, that it is sometimes okay to cut into the kitchen. Last week, Pheifer completed his 681th Garten recipe, an incredibly tasty croissant bread pudding that he describes as "creme brulee and a croissant with a rich and decadent baby," for National Croissant Day.He is now more than halfway his seemingly impossible task, with no signs of delay. " Before this I did not know how to cook and Ina gave me a chance to learn and also to try new things, "says Pheifer City and country. "When I started this, I had no idea that I would ever finish it, now I really think I can, because I've found this new incredible passion."
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Pheifer fell in love with Garten's accessible cooking style six years ago after she had watched her Barefoot Contessa. "I DVR & # 39; d it, it looked obsessive, it was like a reality TV show," he says. "I wanted to be invited to one of her parties."
Garten, 70, is known for hosting fantastic dinner parties at her home in East Hampton, New York, which she shares with her husband Jeffrey. She actually develops recipes for cookbooks (she has 11) in the beautiful kitchen of the estate, which has a Viking assortment and a Sub Zero refrigerator. Inspired by Garten's ability to build relationships through food, Pheifer tried out her fried shrimp scampi recipe. The dish turned out to be "phenomenal" and he started to consult her cookbooks every evening for ideas about dinner. "Eventually I took a page from it Julie and Juliaand I thought I might as well make my way through Ina's entire repertoire, "he says." I knew I could trust the recipes. "Photo credit: NBC – Getty ImagesMore

"I have received so much support and people can enjoy all the food!"

Initially, Pheifer's friends thought he was joking about the seemingly impossible business – or maybe crazy. "They were like," Why would you want to do this, it's a bit funny, but I do not understand? "He says." Since then I've received so much support, and people can enjoy the food! "Photo credit: Courtesy Trent PheiferMoor people together. & # 39; expand = & # 39; & # 39; crop = & # 39; 1×1 & # 39;][/image]Pheifer keeps his recipes on a spreadsheet and documents the finished food on his Instagram, which has collected more than 13,000 followers. At least it celebrates four times a week, alternating with breakfast dishes, lunches, dinners and desserts. His favorite recipe to date is Garten's crispy chicken thighs with mustard sauce made from wine, crème fraîche, Dijon mustard and whole grain mustard. And although 95 percent of Ina's recipes are great, there are a few that he finds cumbersome cooking, such as her roasted vegetable lasagne, which feeds ten people. "That was the closest to my depression," he says. "It was a space issue because I had a small kitchen and three trays were needed." "It was not like that Julie and Julia meltdown, "he explains," although I have broadcast some frustrated screams. "

"You can imagine that your friends are with her."

Last summer Pheifer walked randomly to Garten last summer in a Parisian restaurant. He was on a culinary journey through the city and he saw her and Jeffrey on the other side of the room. When he introduced himself and explained his search for cooking all her recipes, she gave him a big hug – she had heard about his project and seen his Instagram.
"It was such a great moment to meet her, she immediately made me feel so comfortable," he says. "There is an ambitious, but approachable aspect to her, so it's so easy to imagine that your friends are with her. & # 39;Photo credit: Courtesy Trent PheiferMorePheifer says it is his "absolute biggest dream" to cook with Garten. "She has had a great influence on my passion and love for food, I would [love to talk to her] about all points in her career in food where she had big attacks of self-doubt or a big failure, "he says." And what did she learn and how did she shape her career in food? "Pheifer takes the cue from his culinary hero and his friends often invite meals.On Sunday, he organized a brunch party with four courses in his apartment for the Super Bowl Menu items were arugula salad with Garten's distinctive lemon vinaigrette, her easy tomato soup, an assortment of grilled cheeses and her chocolate cake with bananas. "Something I've heard from Ina is that while the food is always delicious, it's not the most important point," he says. It is more important to show love and support for the community around you by bringing people together and making sure that everyone feels welcomed and accepted. She really appreciates that instead of obsessing about everything that little food is absolute perfection and made all over again. "(& # 39; You Might Also Like & # 39 ;,)