With work, school and a social life healthy eating is difficult. After a long day you just want a filling meal that you can do in a few minutes. We understand it. That is why we have put together quick and healthy meal recipes that help you feel good both inside and outside.1. Sweet Potato Egg Boat: Smear the potato in the microwave, let an egg burst and finish it in the oven (or toaster oven) for a healthy meal.2. Creamy chicken Quinoa casserole: You would not think that something creamy as healthy would be considered, but feast your eyes on this beauty. And in case you're wondering, this chicken is seasoned with some bacon.3. Make-ahead Taco bowls: It does not get any fresher than these taco bowls that have a bit of everything. The guac gives your taste buds a subtle punch that we know you will love.4. Wholly30 blackened chicken and avocado salad: This low-carb, Whole 30 and gluten-free dish will hoard you with avocado. Enjoy this well-seasoned combination, because it is * sure * to become a go-to recipe.5. Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowl: Who says healthy can not mean a little bit of indulgence? Just prepare your favorite toppings, toast a spaghetti pumpkin and you have a fun (and cheap) date night ahead of you.6. Greek salad pizza: There is really nothing that pizza can not solve. Go for wholemeal dough and cover it with salad ingredients to keep it on a healthier spectrum.7. Zoodles Primavera: Spiral your way to garlicky-goodness with this super-light pasta recipe. Just like real Italian recipes, it is made with a whole bunch of basil and tomatoes from San Marzano.8. Mango Curry Shrimp: Do not run, go to your local Asian market to get the ingredients for this simple shrimp recipe. Serve it with brown rice or cauliflower rice instead of jasmine to brighten it up.9. Chicken salad Keto salad wraps: It is time for freshness, and this wrap is full of it! Simply fry your favorite chicken salad (or hummus) on lettuce and sprinkle some raspberries, walnuts and chives, then you're ready to go.10. Cauliflower rice taco & # 39; s: Enjoy this protein-rich meal with a rainbow of products and leave you full all day but you feel light like a feather.11. Courgettes Nachos: For a low-carb option of nacho's, pile on the traditional toppings over thinly sliced ​​and grilled zucchini coins. (via Zucchini Nachos)12. Cashew Alfredo: Light up your Alfredo sauce by skipping the cream in favor of cashew cream. You can also regularly distribute fettucine for zoodles.13. Squeezed Vegetarian Quinoa Chili: Chances are you have tried chili before, but we can guarantee that it was nothing like this stuffed quinoa dish. Make it your own by loading on the toppings.14. Paleo Air-Fried Chicken Tenders: Lubricate the white flour and the frying pan and instead use almond flour and an air fryer. You will be amazed at how similar this version tastes to conventional fried chicken and yet it is so much better for you.15. Chicken meatballs and zoodles: Even if you are not keto, it is difficult to resist this bowl with zoodles, generously topped with ricotta blobs and moist chicken balls.follow us on Pinterest for more healthy recipes!(Photo & # 39; s via Brit + Co)