Everything you thought you knew about the origin of pizza in America can be wrong. Although it has long been a part of the pizza that Gennaro Lombardi Lombardi & # 39; s established – the oldest known pizzeria in the United States – in New York in 1905, new research can prove that pizza is still in New York and that Gennaro may not have been the first baker to sell cakes from Lombardia's famous shop front. The best pizza in every state Statistician and researcher Peter Regas has spent a decade researching the history of pizza. He claims to have discovered that the New York pizza paragon was actually founded by a man named Filippo Milone, seven years before Lombardi's allegations that Gennaro Lombardi had established it. Regas made his discovery by searching Italian newspapers from the early 1900s. In it he found advertisements for pizza & # 39; s from Filippo Milone, such as Antica Pizzeria Port & # 39; Alba from 1903, and began to believe that Milone helped open a pizzeria at the same address as the iconic Lombardi's in 1898. Lombardi is still the oldest existing pizzeria in America. Thanks to Milone, however, the history and history of other pizza restaurants can be much more complicated. The Daily Meal has contacted Lombardi for a response to this issue. Regas told Gothamist that Milone probably had previously pizzeria experience in Italy and has located at least six pizzerias in the Big Apple, including the New York pizza & # 39; s John's or Bleecker Street and a now closed Brooklyn -pizzeria called Pop & # 39; s. "It seems likely that [Milone] was serving pizzerias in Naples before he came to America, "he told the publication and also indicated that there might be other pizza aisles in New York on an earlier date than previously thought." They had experience in Naples and came with knowledge and experience and a little confidence that this product would be successful. "But he does not want to discredit Lombardy's pizza-cravings." Gennaro Lombardi was and remains an important early figure in history of pizza in the US. It is understandable that my research is a dramatic change in their origin story. But if it is something, Lombardi will turn it into a more historic pizzeria, "Regas told Food and Wine, and the researcher plans to share his findings during a free lecture at the American pizza museum in Chicago on February 23 – still the best city ​​is for a deep dish.