The perfect recipes to cook when you're snowed in When you've gotten stuck on a snowy day, use the abundance of time or the precious ingredients you have on hand to prepare one of these recipes. Hugh GarveyIain Bagwell1 of 8 Iain Bagwell

Stone soup

This soup is a "bang-for-the-buck" dish that you can make with the vegetables you have in the fridge. Use the dried or canned beans you have in the cupboard, exchange canned tomatoes for fresh fruit or leave the rosemary. It is sturdy, infinitely flexible and perfect for cold weather.Recipe: Stone SoupAdvertisementYunhee KimGlazed Chile Tofu RamenMore2 from 8 Yunhee Kim

Glazed Chile Tofu Ramen

The perfect way to eat fresh tofu, these healthy ramen made with garlicky chicken broth and tofu glazed with sweet Thai chili sauce, allows you to cool the snow on a snowy day.Recipe: Glazed Chile Tofu RamenAdvertisementAnnabelle BreakeyCider-Braised Pork ChopsMore3 of 8 Annabelle Breakey

Cured pork chops

Prickly with hard cider and sweetened with caramelized shallots, these savory pork chops come together in about half an hour. A quick scorch and soft smother help to avoid the classic problem of overcooked chops.Recipe: Cider-Braised Pork ChopsAdvertisementAnnabelle BreakeyKorean style Stewed short ribs More 4 of 8 Annabelle Breakey

Korean stewed short ribs

If it is braces, it is surprisingly simple, without special ingredients and a relatively short (for braising) cooking time of two hours. In other words, it is the fast track to the slow-cooked winter taste.Recipe: Korean stewed short ribsAdvertisementJeffery CrossBoerenkoolalade with red Quinoa, fennel and carrotsMore 5 of 8 Jeffery Cross

Casserole salad with red Quinoa, fennel and carrots

The lucky ones who have stacked the last kale in front of Snowmaggedon on the floor can enjoy this appetizer-rich winter salad with the vans.Recipe: Boerenkoolsalade with red Quinoa, Fennel and CarrotsAdvertentieThomas J. StoryFried chicken with herbs More 6 from 8 Thomas J. Story

Fried chicken with herbs

With some more time on your hands, here is your chance to always make satisfying roast chicken that is even more transcendent with a flavored brine inspired by culinary great Michael Ruhlman.Recipe: Roast Chicken with HerbsAdvertisementCourtesy or Dylan + JeniSlow Gasted Pork BellyMore7 of 8 With thanks to Dylan + Jeni

Slowly roasted pork belly

Use that extra time on your hands in your favor with this slowly roasted belly of pork. Hours in the oven produce a disintegrating tender pork enriched with sesame oil and a shock from Sriracha. Bonus: A slowly roasting pork in the oven becomes a stove that smells very, very well.Recipe: Slowly roasted pork BellyAdvertisementIain BagwellCalifornia Sticky Toffee PuddingMore8 from 8 Iain Bagwell

The sticky pudding from California

An emergency in the snow requires extreme measures, and this sticky toffee pudding sprinkled with dark toffee sauce and flavored with espresso allows you to treat yourself well. It is also one of the favorite recipes of the staff of all time.Recipe: California Sticky Toffee PuddingAdvertisement