10 things you probably did not know about Popeyes Chicken


The spice mix saved the chain

Originally Popeyes founder Al Copeland opened a restaurant in 1972 called Chicken on the Run with a focus on traditional Southern fried chicken. The company did not start, so he closed the doors of the restaurant and reopened with a new name (Popeyes) and a new, spicy recipe in Cajun style. Giving his chicken a kick was a success and Popeyes changed into a franchise within four years. View these other 15 restaurants that you did not know had a name change.

The chain bought the recipes recipe from the chicken for $ 43 million

For 23 years Popeyes did not really have the recipe in his famous mix of herbs – or other recipes. To understand that, rewind until 1984 when Popeyes founder Al Copeland opened the food production company Diversified Food and Seasonings, which supplied ingredients for his chicken chain but was his own company. In 1991 Copeland filed for bankruptcy and lost ownership of Popeyes (except for some franchises). Now that Copeland was no longer the owner, Popeyes had to pay $ 3.1 million in licensing fees annually to use the manufacturer's recipes until 2014, when it paid $ 43 million to buy back the recipes.

It is good as gold (literally)

In October 2018, Popeyes opened its 3000th location. To celebrate the huge milestone, a few franchises have made the special offer: legless wings wrapped in champagne and then thrown in 24-carat gold flakes. After all, it is the gold standard for fried chicken. Discover which 13 employees of fast food items say you should never order.

Beyoncé has lifelong stock

In what might be the ultimate celebrity package, Beyoncé was honored with a lifetime supply of Popeyes. "At some point … wherever I went, people would buy me Popeyes, like the fans, and Popeyes heard, so they gave me a lifetime membership," the singer told Oprah in 2003. If she takes that card out, she is entitled to a lot of chicken if she wants, although she admitted she had been too ashamed to ever really use it.

The chicken offers are the healthiest option

Piece by piece, Popeyes chicken tenders are the lowest in calories and fat of all fried chicken options. Each chicken broth has about 148 calories (although a meal of three or five pieces would naturally have more), compared to 160 calories in a Bonafide leg or 210 in a wing. Surprisingly, the Bonafide breast is the highest in calories, clock speed at 380. You could always go healthy with the non-breaded Black Chicken, but again, when in Popeyes …

There have been some pretty creative takes on

Previous offers that have come and gone – and sometimes have returned – include Chicken Waffle Tenders (chicken dipped in waffle batter and fried), Wicked Chicken (thin, curled chicken tenders) and Beer Can Chicken (fried chicken that are tasting a spice mix , not from real beer). If you're hungry for chicken, you want to know the secret that KFC's chicken is so crispy.

There is one place where you can get everything – you can eat

Lafayette, Louisiana, residents are lucky: they live near the last remaining Popeyes buffet in the country. Customers can not only lower their teeth into endless fried chicken, but they can also stack their plates high with cookies, mashed potatoes and other favorites. Is someone else drooling?

Anthony Bourdain was a fan

That's right – one of the world's greatest gourmets had a weakness for good chicken from Popeyes. The late Anthony Bourdain admitted in May 2018 People interview that he had eaten in Popeyes three days in a row during a stay in Lafayette, Louisiana (yes, the city with the buffet). He baked on fried chicken, but also the guilty pleasure he gave Thrillist: Popeyes mac and cheese.

It has devoted a whole month to it

September is the National Fried Chicken month, but in 2013 Popeyes launched its own spin on the party. Since September, the chain has since promoted Love That Chicken month on the basis of its old jingle, with offers to attract customers. When it comes to competitors, this is why KFC changed its name from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The non-breaded chicken was announced via flash mob

When Popeyes announced his "Lousiana Leaux Naked Chicken" in 2011, there was dancing in the street – specifically a flash mob on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The offer is now known as Blackened Chicken. Make sure you know these other secrets that fast food workers do not tell you.