26 dinner receptions that are on the macro diet


Following a diet can be a challenge, but when it comes to strictly following our calorie intake, we are already bored. The macro diet, on the other hand, is attractive because it is so flexible. To make the story short, adjust your intake of macronutrients (or carbohydrates, fat and proteins) based on your goal, whether it's losing weight, gaining or maintaining muscles. Because everyone's macro ratio is different, we have supplemented 26 dinner recipes with healthy (and fully adjustable) macro ratios. RELATED: 5 great things that might happen if you stop counting caloriesThis vegetarian version of a traditional Indian chicken dish is made with cauliflower, but with lots of herbs and a dash of tahini it is anything but dull. Take the recipeCoconut milk gives creaminess and curry paste making it look like it has been simmering for hours (but it is ready in 30 minutes). Take the recipeWhat has enough protein, minimal preparation time and almost no tidying up? This guest. Get the recipeIf raw fish is not your thing, try this vegan version of the trendy Hawaiian dish. (And psstit is also great for meal preparation.) Receive the recipeAs if the bright, cheerful color was not enough, there is also dill yogurt sauce to be baptized. Take the recipeOur advice? Serve this Mediterranean inspired meal with a dash of green goddesses. Take the recipeYou had us at "buffalo chicken" (and again at the herb ranch dressing). Take the recipeIs there something cozier than a hot bowl of chili? Yes: this lighter version made with ground turkey. Take the recipeRELATED: 37 Fancy Dinner Recipes that you can make with a pound of ground turkeyWe are suckers for a one-off vacant dinner. Better still, this is gluten-free. Get the recipeAdding broccoli Rabe, carrots and lentils is a healthy and tasty way to bring the kielbasa into balance. Take the recipeThe best part of the macro diet? You can still eat cheese. Take the recipeHave you ever had slow-cooked salmon? It is a safe way to ensure that your fish has the right texture every time. Take the recipeIt contains few calories and does not require any special ingredients. So actually it's your new favorite for the whole week. Get the recipeGone are the days of sad, wilted greens and faint dress. We eat this clear, lemony salad instead. Take the recipeDo not skip the sweet pepper cups. (What can we say? We are suckers for a good presentation.) Receive the recipeWhen a creamy, nutty dipping sauce has made everything taste worse? Get the recipeThe salty sauce with six ingredients tastes so good that you forget that he is good for you too. Take the recipeServe this vegan dish with a bit of rice for a hearty and balanced dinner. Take the recipeThe best things in life have been topped with sour cream and cheese, such as this hands-off soup courtesy of PureWow Coterie member Monique Volz. Take the recipeSalty olives and a lemony sauce? What else do you want? (Thanks, Coterie member Gaby Dalkin.) Receive the recipeWhen you reach your quinoa limit (hey, it happens), you shake things with this vegan, gluten-free version of a traditional Korean dish.Read the recipeRELATED: 30 Clean-Eating Recipes that will devour the whole familyOf course that's possible paste your cucumbers … but smashing adds a level of texture that can not be beat. Take the recipeThis is not the dry, sad pork tenderloin of your mother. (Sorry, Mom.) Receive the recipeA spicy and healthy chicken dinner that is surprisingly easy to cook and even easier to eat. Take the recipeProof that tasteful and healthy can go hand in hand (and does not have to take hours). Take the recipeIt is difficult to improve a meatball, but Coterie member Monique Volz has done it – a sweet and savory sauce and a minimal clean-up seal the deal.Read the recipeRELATED: 17 Make-Ahead Recipes that are on the Mediterranean diet