10 surprising things you can do in a KitchenAid mixer


Everyone knows that the first step to a kitchen, straight from a Nancy Meyers film, is a shiny, jeweled KitchenAid mixer. But in addition to being beautiful and cheerful, the classic standard mixer is really an indispensable workhorse. It is the master of multitasking (tip: get started washing dishes while it is working) and a must-have for cake, cookie and muffin batter. But that's not all it can do: here are ten of our favorite little-known KitchenAid tricks.RELATED: KitchenAid has just announced a new, limited-edition color for its 100th (!) BirthdayInstead of buying a separate ice machine, all you have to do is buy a special bowl for your KitchenAid. Swap the regular bowl for a pre-frozen ice cream bowl and enjoy perfectly chilled ice cream at any time. View the recipeThe beating of proteins to completely stiff peaks requires the strength of the forearm that we simply do not have. With KitchenAid it's done in a few minutes – while you make the cup of tea you want while you eat it. Take the recipeWe admit that there's something therapeutic about kneading bread dough by hand – it's just like an edible stress ball. But it is doing Take your time, and that's where the dough hook comes in on your KitchenAid. It does almost all your kneading for you, so you can make homemade bread at any time.Homemade pasta beats the dried things a kilometer, but we were always a bit intimidated by the idea of ​​rolling it out by hand. Go to the KitchenAid pasta attachment – it is placed on the front of the mixer and uses the power of the motor to make uniform sheets. Recommend the recipeHand mixing is a great arm workout, but it's not the best way to get super creamy, lump-free spuds. We would rather use a one-two stamp from KitchenAid instead. Use the paddle mixer to break pieces of boiled potato, then switch to the whisk and add all the good things (warm milk and a ton of butter of course). Receive the recipeReducing carbohydrates has never been easier. The spiral mounting fits on the front of the mixer, making it easy to turn any veggie into a pasta substitute. We would like to start with zucchini, but feel free to go wild, such as Coterie member Ali Maffucci, the founder of Inspiralized. Get the recipeThis is more about keeping things germ-free than anything else. Most meatball recipes (such as this one) require manual mixing of raw meat, eggs and herbs. Instead, dump them in the KitchenAid – they will be mixed more thoroughly and you save a (sort of coarse) extra step. Get the recipeYour beloved guac is easy enough to mix by hand, especially if your avocados are well ripe. But if you make a large party for a party, the KitchenAid is a lifesaver. With the paddle attachment you can still hold it firmly – just keep an eye on it, so you don't have to mix too much.We love the mixer for everything that has to do with cream cheese (and that's a lot of things because we do) love cream cheese). Use the paddle mixer for a super creamy, lump-free texture. Take the recipeWhether you screw a pork shoulder to make BBQ sandwiches or prepare a set of roasted chicken fillets for a week meal, the mixer is the best way to do it efficiently. Take the recipeRELATED: Your cooking guide with the Instant Pot, the kitchen gadget we are obsessed with