The Best Girl Scout Cookies Ever, Ranking


The Best Girl Scout Cookies Ever, Ranking

The best Girl Scout cookies ever, rankedGirl Scouts USA If there is one thing the Girl Scouts of America are best known for, then it is their cookies. Certainly, these organizations build character and rely on young women all over the country, but the average Joe knows they build pantries full of delicious treats. Girl Scout cookies have a legendary history with more than 50 cookies that were available before and now. For every iconic, old cake such as the thin mint and the Do-Si-Do, there have been many flash-in-the-pan, forgotten and crazy trendy cookies. It is impossible to really rank all of them of them, because some live so short, so uneasy that they are left to the history books. So we took some of the most popular, most confounding and most modern cookies and aligned them with each other. Think of the Mango Creams 2013 with Nutrifusion? How about the cute Mango Creams? Golden Yangles? Kookaburra? No, well, you will remember them with our definitive ranking of the best, worst and most amazing Girl Scout cookies ever.

# 17 Cinna-Spins / Daisy Go Rounds

# 17 Cinna-Spins / Daisy Go RoundsiStock Other diet trend: naturally few calories. Cinna-Spins, a crispy cinnamon cookie, was introduced in 2008. Instead of getting into a cover, the box contained five 100-calorie snack packs. Lame, right? The shape soon changed into the girl Scout approved daisy, but that cookie also disappeared after a few years.

# 15 Peanut Butter Sandwich / Do-si-dos

# 15 Peanut Butter Sandwich / Do-si-dosGirl Scouts USAPeanut Butter sandwiches (ABC) / Do-si-dos (Little Brownies) are one of the three required cookies that all Girl Scout markets must sell (along with Thin Mints and Trefoils). But these are pretty limp and tame. For peanut butter lovers, of course, they are a delight. But for the rest of us, go by.

# 8 Juliettes / Golden Nut Clusters

# 8 Juliettes / Golden Nut ClustersGirl Scouts USANamedian, after the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Low, tasted more like a chocolate turtle than a cookie. With caramel, pecans and milk chocolate, during the & # 39; 80 and the early '90s, these were a favorite cookie. Why did they disappear? We will never know, but they are missed a lot.

# 3 Peanut butter patties / Tagalongs

# 3 Peanut butter patties / TagalongsGirl Scouts USATagalongs (Little Brownies) / Peanut Butter Patties (ABC) have been around since the 1960s, and it's because they have two stars that both young and old love: chocolate and peanut butter. This magic combination always works (look at the Reese & # 39; s), and it proves it time and time again with this cookie.

# 1 Caramel deLites / Samoa & # 39; s

# 1 Caramel deLites / Samoa & # 39; sGirl Scouts USA