35 Make-ahead recipes for easy meal planning


Of course, glamping is all the rage right now, but what ever happened to cooking dinner over an open fire? If you want to sweep the old-fashioned, but don't really want you to heat beans with fire from a can, consider the convenience of make-up meals. There is nothing worse than sleeping outside without access to a shower than looking at the wilderness on an empty stomach. It pays to be prepared. You already have your camping DIY & # 39; s ready; now you just have to master these recipes that you can easily prepare in advance or prepare for easy cooking.1. S & # 39; mores Sweet potato: Boil and fill these sweet potatoes in advance, wrap them in foil and then let them become melted goodness over the hob. (via Brit + Co)2. Cast Iron Pizza: If you thought home-made pizza was incompatible with camp cooking, this sticky cake will change your mind. All you need is prepared dough, a frying pan and the will to live cheesily. (via Brit + Co)3. Campfire Peach Cobbler: Pack peach filling and chilled cookie dough in a cooler, warm to sweet, bubbling top quality at the campfire and you have mastered the art of glamor. (via Brit + Co)4. Pineapple Pork Shish Kabobs: These skewers actually benefit from being made in advance; they have extra time to enjoy the marinade while on the way to the camp. (via Brit + Co)5. Barbecue Black Bean Tacos: Vegetarians can still enjoy the meaty flavor of the barbecue with these well-seasoned black bean tacos, heated on a grill for maximum smokiness. (via Brit + Co)6. Lamb Burgers: There is a fair amount of preparation in advance for these burgers, but if you bite into tasty pasties after a whole day, the planning has certainly been worth it. (via Brit + Co)7. Chicken Pepperoni casserole: Team can't agree on chicken versus pizza? Arrange that debate with this anticipatory frying pan, filled with chicken fillet, tomato sauce and three types of cheese. (via Brit + Co)8. Fruit Crisp: Satisfy the end of the day dessert token with this resourceful crisp made with an oatmeal brown sugar base. (via Brit + Co)9. Sweet potato and black beans Chili: Repeat the day's adventures around the campfire with sturdy bowls of chili. This meat-free version is made from sweet potatoes and black beans and it boils again in no time. (via Brit + Co)10. Vegan Portuguese kale soup: Don't forget to bring a lot of crusty bread to accompany this lightly spiced soup that swims with potatoes, lima beans and vegan sausage. (via Brit + Co)11. Chickpea Salad Sandwich: If you are somewhat challenged when it comes to starting a campfire, don't be afraid. This budget-friendly vegetarian meal comes together in minutes, no heat needed. (via Brit + Co)12. Fruit skewers with Mason-Jar whipped cream: Get your daily portion of fruit in the form of a dessert with these cinnamon-sugary foil packets. While you light the skewers, put your friend in the panning duty for the whipped cream. (via Brit + Co)13. Black Bean Chili: Prepare the ingredients in advance, then pour them into a cast-iron pot and let the whole thing bubble over a fire pit. (via Brit + Co)14. Jackfruit Burrito Bowls: Pack your bowl components in separate containers to prevent uplifting and reheat the rice, beans, and jack fruit in the camp before serving. (via Brit + Co)15. Make Ahead Spinach mushroom Gnocchi casserole: Thyme-flavored three-cheese pasta is so cozy that you will be tempted to eat it while you are curled up in your sleeping bag. (via Brit + Co)16. Easy Buttermilk Cornbread Muffins: Whether you use it to suck up chili or have it breakfast with honey butter, a little sweet cornbread is always a treat. Pre-dosed muffins ensure that you don't have to cut corn bread in the camp. (via Brit + Co)17. Asparagus and goat cheese Frittata: Camping with a refined? Show them what you know about fine cheeses with this frittata, which looks nice and tasteful, but really only contains five ingredients and only requires that you don't burn it. (via Brit + Co)18. Pressure cooker Vegetarian Chili: Make a large batch of this vegetarian chili and freeze half for your next camping adventure. When your tent is set up and you are ready for dinner, re-heat the chili over the campfire or grill, add your favorite toppings and dig in. (Via Brit + Co)19. Campfire cones: Leave out the bananas and these campfire cones will be a make-ahead dessert. Fill sugar bubbles with your favorite chocolate candy and marshmallow blend and then wrap them in foil. Place them over the campfire for a few minutes at the end of the night, until the candy is sticky and melted. (via Brit + Co)20. Mason Jar Ramen: Instant noodles are a backpack staple, but it gets better. Prepare masonry baskets of noodles, vegetables and herbs at home, and fill with boiling water from your campfire kettle when you are ready to eat. (via Brit + Co)21. Make-Ahead Breakfast Cookies: Save yourself the trouble of lighting a fire in the morning by bringing a breakfast without heat. A mix of oats, banana, pineapple and mango breakfast biscuits, strewn with white chocolate chips, will make you energized for a busy day outdoors. (via Brit + Co)21. Campfire Veggie Sausage Packets: Marinate chopped peppers, onions and potatoes in your favorite seasonings. When you reach your campsite, combine the mixture with sliced ​​vegetarian sausages, then wrap them in foil and bake until they stew and a little brown on the edges. (via Brit + Co)22. Kung Pao White Bean Skillet: This vegan iron frying pan contains a lot of preheating fuel with white beans instead of chicken, plus crispy peanuts. (via Full of Plants)23. Lemon chicken and potatoes in foil: Individual chicken breasts are cooked on top of hills of Dijon mustard-like, lemon-like, herby red potatoes. Every camper gets its own chicken package and there are no dishes to wash. (via Damn Delicious)24. Southern Skillet Pimento Mac and Cheese: Turn your camping trip into an ode to the South with this cheese-like mac, strewn with peppers and crispy bacon. (via Pizzazzerie)25. Ham and cheese hash-brown foil packages: Go the lazy-tasty route with pre-made hash browns, salty ham and a healthy handful of Cheddar. Add a fried egg on top of each finished bag for extra nutrition. (via Damn Delicious)26. Make-Ahead Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches: Eggs, cheese and bacon or sausage hidden in a warm English muffin is just the combination to fuel you for the adventures of the day. Easy to assemble and heat up on site. (via The Cozy Cook)27. Grilled sausage and vegetarian kabobs: Nothing beats the smoky aroma of sausages waving from a hot grill. Fold yours into a hot dog sandwich, or eat the net from the skewer. (via A Fork & # 39; s Tale)28. Carne Asada Skillet Nachos: Gather around the campfire with a frying pan with crispy tortilla chips, piled high with tender steak, rich queso and sliced ​​vegetables that you have perfectly prepared in advance. (via What & # 39; s Gaby Cooking)29. Migas Breakfast Casserole: Wake up your tent sizes in the softest way possible, with the aroma of gently warming tortilla chips, jalapenos and cheese. (via Kitschen Cat)30. Mediterranean chickpea salad: Leaf salads are not the best choice when camping. They just don't keep up well. Instead, make a salad full of crispy vegetables, herbs, and chickpeas that do not wilt in the cooler. (via My Food Story)31. Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos & # 39; s: Cook a series of breakfast burritos to make your next excursion. Move them from the freezer to the cooler and then heat them up over your fire or grill in the morning. (via Unsophisticook)32. Smoky Chorizo ​​and Butter Bean Hot Pot: Few things are more comforting than a hot pot by a campfire. You can do this completely in advance or prepare the ingredients and cook in the camp. (via Lavender and Lavas)33. Backpacker & # 39; s Blueberry Crisp: Dinner is simply not complete without a bit of sweetness, so what better way to prepare dessert for dessert than an easy blueberry risotto made from muesli, sugar bags and dried blueberries. (via Fresh Off the Grid)34. Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas: If you prepare the filling of these crispy & dillas in advance, all you have to do is collect and grill at the campsite. Bonus points for being vegetarian. (via Tabitha Talks Food)35. Baked pizza & # 39; s: If you thought pizza was incompatible with cooking at the camp, you color it incorrectly. Prepare your dough and toppings at home, grab your familiar frying pan and try it. After roasting over the campfire for the first time, add your toppings and continue cooking until you are nicely floury. (via Pinch or Yum)Do you love these campfire meals? There is more. Follow us on Pinterest for easier recipes and hacks.(Additional reporting by Sally Jones and Justina Huddleston)