20 Keto dinner recipes that make your life easier * Way * easier


If you are not familiar with the ketogenic diet, this is in fact the modern answer to the Atkins diet. You follow a diet low in carbohydrates and protein-rich foods to promote fat burning and * hopefully * get more energy. To get the guesswork out of meal planning, we found fast keto diners that make your life so much easier. Consider low-carb chicken recipes, hamburgers, and more. Keep reading to stay on the right track with these recipes.1. Keto Cauli Tots: Sometimes you just want dinner to be cheese; we feel you. For those moments sneak into some vegetables with these baked cauliflower tots. (via Brit + Co)2. Keto Chicken Lettuce Wraps: Creamy and public-friendly keto-blue cheese chicken salad is the definition of comfort food. This recipe has options for using leftover chicken from Instant Pot or rotisserie bought from a store. (via Brit + Co)3. Shrimp Sheet Pan Fajitas: It doesn't get any simpler than a simple spring roll dinner. Throw your shrimp, peppers & onions into a spicy marinade and in less than 30 minutes you will be ready to dive. Don't forget to serve them in low-carb tortillas. (via Brit + Co)4. Chicken rice bowl: Raise your hand if you miss rice bowls while doing Keto. This low carbohydrate version uses cauliflower rice instead and does not stop the sushi bowl fixings. (via Brit + Co)5. Bunless Burger: Good news! Burgers are not quite not limits on the keto diet. Try to put all the ingredients in a salad wound. Don't forget to use a low-carb barbecue sauce for the special sauce. (via Brit + Co)6. Cheesy Brussels Sprouts: You won't even miss macaroni and cheese if you make this rich cheese-coated Brussels sprout dish with lots of crispy bacon. (via Brit + Co)7. Shredded Mexican chicken: Mexican night will never be the same now that this keto-shredded chicken recipe is here. Although no tortillas are in sight, you can include low-carb versions to form soft-shell tacos. (via Kristie Sullivan / Victory Belt)8. Keto Alfredo Zoodles: If you look at your intake of saturated fats, choose this ketotarian dish made with a nut sauce. (via Brit + Co)9. Instant Pot Ramekin Eggs And Cocotte: Heavy whipped cream, ghee-fried mushrooms, chives and eggs are cooked under pressure in ramekins within a few minutes until they are just put. Serve it along with some cloud bread for breakfast for dinner. (via Brit + Co)10. Ricotta meatballs with sods: Say goodbye to boring spiral zucchini. We love the combination of flavors and textures in this recipe – from juicy ricotta-filled chicken meatballs to crispy zoodles. (via Brit + Co)11. Keto Ramen noodles: This has all the standard fixings of windows but has a zoodle base. The best part is that these ingredients can be found at Trader Joe & # 39; s. (via Brit + Co)12. Steak Tacos in cheese shells: Sear a seasoned steak and fry a few crispy cheese shells to have an epic taco evening in less than an hour. (via Brit + Co)13. Cheesy zucchini casserole: If you still have not developed a taste for zucchini, try smothered with cheese and covered with crispy pork rind. (via All Day I Dream About Food)14. Keto Pad Thai: Rice noodles usually make this dish too low in carbohydrates (a Keto no-no). The filling, fiber-rich Shirataki noodles (made from vegetable starch) are the best part. You can enjoy a whole bowl. (via Hello Glow)15. Low-Carb Cauliflower Cottage Pie: A hearty Keto Shepherd & # 39; s or cottage pie is entirely possible with the help of a delicious cauliflower puree topping. (via The Sophisticated Caveman)16. Keto Caprese Chicken: You can't stop eating Italian food, cold turkey; therefore look for a granulated recipe such as this. Everything with lots of melted cheese is welcome in our book. (via Sweet Peas and Saffron)17. Easy Cashew Chicken: Use arrowroot powder (over corn starch) and trade in the brown sugar from Swerve to keep things as low as possible. For your information, it is made in a slow cooker, but you can easily stir-fry it over medium heat if you are looking for a meal in minutes. (via The Recipe Critic)18. Keto Fried Chicken: Heat the oil and prepare for an intense taste symphony. Mix a spicy almond-flour mix before dipping these pieces of chicken and it can even compete with fast food joints. (via Savory Tooth)19. Avocados with tuna stuffing: If you have trouble keeping up with the Keto diet, you can try adding more heart-healthy fats, such as those from avocados. These are filled with tuna and covered with sriracha for a good measure. (via Salt and Lavender)20. Creamy cauliflower chowder: Those who are new to the keto way of life can miss things like potato soup. When that desire strikes, make this consolation-eating recipe. (via My Food Story)follow us on Pinterest for more simple, healthy recipe ideas.Additional reporting by Anna Monette Roberts and Paige JohnsonYou might also like it