Luca Roberto Avanzi is a happy man, he realized his dream of opening an authentic Italian restaurant. His credo is refined Italian cuisine while scrupulously respecting transalpine recipes.

With the “Da Tina”, he wants to bring a piece of Italy back to Cannet, he, the original Venetian. It was with his wife Paola, behind the stove, that he decided to settle in the city. Love at first sight was immediate, so they bought the apartment above the establishment.

In short, a passion for the cuisine of his country that Luca Roberto wants to share with onlookers, a whole menu.

On the menu, we find the well-known Italian dishes, but here we do not cook them just any way and the owner is particularly attached to them: “We make carbonaras, but not like everyone else, we make the real recipe for Rome, we put pecorino romano, dried pork cheek, black pepper …

Here, therefore, we do not mess with the tradition and the doctrine of the house, it is above all to take your time. Luca Roberto appreciates being able to explain his menu in detail to customers, he also offers them a welcome cocktail based on limoncello and tapas as an aperitif.

It is precisely the bucolic and peaceful character of the cannettane life that attracted him: “We’re not in Cannes where it’s flashy, I like people here because they take their time to eat, it’s quieter. “

Everything is served in the pleasant atmosphere of Place Bellevue, sea view please. Luca Roberto Avanzi is also particularly keen on the atmosphere of his restaurant, where he invites customers to feel at home. In short, a beautiful ode to transalpine gastronomy.

Restaurant Da Tina: 326 rue Saint-Sauveur, Le Cannet Rens.