Summer is the ideal season to reduce your fat and sugar intake thanks to a summer cuisine that is fresh, light and colorful The opportunity to grill your vegetables a la plancha, to make vegetarian pies and to bake light desserts for balanced meals, without forgetting to feast.

Focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables

It seems obvious, but in summer, it is better to forget about traditional, hot and heavy dishes, by putting aside cassoulet or tartiflette but also too spicy dishes which tend to increase body heat. . On the other hand, it is the right time to get down to Mediterranean cuisine, rich in recipes with vegetables from the sun. We are inspired by the cuisine of the south of France with a pissaladière or stuffed tomatoes, from Spain with a good tortilla or paella, from Italy with a salad of tomatoes, burrata and pine nuts or even Greek cuisine by making a real Greek salad.

Summer is also the season for picnics, with dishes that require little preparation time, that are easily transported and that can be shared with family or friends. Vegetable terrines, cakes, dips, chewable vegetables, cold soups, but also savory and sweet pies and salads, will be perfect for an impromptu grass lunch.

Take the time to cook at home

The holidays are an opportunity to change the pace. If the tendency is to go to bed later, the get-up is also meant later. Breakfast becomes more hearty and can be transformed into brunch: wholemeal bread, homemade muesli, smoothie bowl and fruit salads will be perfect to be fully satisfied. Lunch tends to be light: we preferred to make a nice salad made from pasta or rice as well as a tabbouleh. At dinner time, temperatures drop and appetite returns, especially after a day at the beach or hiking. We will thus take a little more time to cook: pies, quiches or tian will allow you to enjoy a complete and balanced meal.

Pay attention to your lifestyle

On a daily basis, fruits and vegetables, thanks to their high fiber content, allow good digestion. In general, vegetables have the advantage of being able to accompany everything: proteins, starches, legumes, so there is no question of going without this summer! For that you will be spoiled for choice: tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini …Also try to drink water as often as possible. If you have trouble sticking to the recommended 1.5 liters of water, bet on infusions or tea.