Mauviel 1830 seduced by Japan

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For seven generations, boilermakers and coppersmiths Mauviel 1830 design and shape high-end cookware in copper, aluminum, stainless steel and black plate. More than a family history, copper was above all that of a village, Villedieu-les-Poêles (Manche), where were still busy, half a century ago, about forty artisans. Single survivor, the manufacture Mauviel 1830 and his hundred employees today make utensils that find their place in the kitchens of individuals (60% of sales) as restaurateurs, a segment started up again. " Since 2014, the gastronomy market has returned. There is a celebrity leader and we work with many of them. Chefs are pushing room service and kitchens are becoming more visible ", Explain Valérie Le Guern Gilbertwho has been running the family business since 2006.

Collaboration with the great chefs

A phenomenon including Mauviel 1830, high-end manufacturer and designer, knew how to seize by multiplying the collaborations. Sponsor of the Bocuse d'Or, partner of Yannick Alléno, the company has for example designed a custom fondue for Jean-François Piège and a magnum bucket for Troisgros. And it's probably not over.

Become a reference in the back-kitchens, the company also attracts wealthy individuals, who do not hesitate to draw in this catalog now rich with 900 references. "My strategy is not to reach an elite, but all cooking enthusiasts, who want to consume less but better, with equipment likely to last a lifetime »Argues Valérie Le Guern-Gilbert.

Find the recipe for success

After a year of strong growth in 2017, the SME, which generates 17 million euros of turnover, is – like others – undergoing the upheavals of the distribution sector, which forces it to think about other recipes (cooking classes, customization, showroom, online sales). Present in around 50 countries, the group realizes 70% of its turnover abroad. But in Japan, a country in which it has been timidly distributed for two years, Mauviel 1830 has not yet found the recipe for success. " There are probably things to do in this country whose values, between modernity and tradition, are very similar to those of our group. But my distributor may be traditional, and it must also be possible to imagine a digital strategy , Notes Valérie Le Guern-Gilbert. The leader had appointments with a cooking school. Without excluding, ultimately, working directly with the stars of Tokyo cuisine.