Mobilization continues for the yellow vests of Avignon-Nord

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Nearly 500 people were mobilized this Sunday at the A7 Avignon-Nord interchange. One of the hotspots of the blockages. If the traffic was reduced on a lane, slowing down the traffic flow, the atmosphere was rather good child despite some skirmishes quickly mastered by the gendarmes.

"But why are you riding Sunday? Asked a yellow jacket, stuck between two blocks on the edge of the expressway. "Come join us, there will soon be a drink," continued another protester, "before shouting at the resignation of Macron.

This Sunday, along the road, a parade of yellow vests accompanied the motorists who, for the majority of them, took the situation rather with humor. Some do not hesitate to show their support for the blockers, sometimes by proudly brandishing a yellow vest or by honking a raised fist, sometimes stopping a moment to talk with the mobilized people. The opportunity for one of the yellow vests to play the game of the fictional blackout: "You ride like that Sir? But your tire is flat, we will fix it, we have a mechanic. During this time, a dozen protesters deign to stand behind the vehicle, which has broken down to pretend to push.

The calm before the storm

A few meters below, around the roundabout, a microsociety is being built. The sofa, the bar and the barbecue are in place, ready to welcome the sausages for lunch. The demonstrators smile and share a few anecdotes yesterday. Some of them were there, others not. "There are heads that I did not see yesterday," says Franck Oudin, a versatile team member in a fast food chain. And again, pointing at the barrier of the finger: "Tomorrow after work, I come back live here. If this blockage continues tomorrow in the same way as today, there will be overflows. He was not entirely wrong. At the rate that the smoke from the barbecue escapes and the balloons symbolizing "the cash cow" fly away, the situation begins to escalate just above his head. On the side of the bridge.

"Yellow vests are above all a positive action"

Excessive exchanges between "fake" yellow vests and annoyed motorists broke the pacifism of the blockage. Plots and insults fuse, as well as blows on cars. Until a driver in his forties, exhausted and aggressive, does not get out of his car. A fight breaks out. But the latter is quickly mastered by gendarmes and troublemakers, infiltrated in the ranks of yellow vests, quickly reinstated.

The calm is back and all the more motivated by the arrival of Christophe Chalençon, the spokesman of the movement, annoyed by the actions of troublemakers. "We are here to win the trust and unity of the people. We're not going to stop for a handful of idiots, "he said. Before recalling the motto of mobilization (see our video here) and its continuation. "Tomorrow the truckers enter the track, so the blockage will be national. We will block on the side of Auchan Le Pontet and Leclerc de Morières, but we will let people go to work. Yellow vests are above all a positive action. "