Norbert Tarayre’s recipe ideas

With the approach of the Easter holidays, we chose not to be put down. Being confined and in a small committee will not prevent us from taking advantage of the great advice and recipes of Norbert Tarayre to make a success of this traditional meal.

Traditionally, we associate the Easter meal with lamb and coconut beans.
Norbert Tarayre gives his tips for sublimating these products. It even helps us think outside the box.

Successfully cooking your leg

To start, Norbert advises us to preheat our oven to the maximum. You can go up to 250 °.

During this time, we will brush the leg of lamb with ointment butter, a butter that we will have softened. In the oven, at very high temperature, this butter will be seared and make a nice crust. This step is crucial and the meat must be carefully monitored.

As soon as the skin is crisp, we lower the thermostat to 160 ° without opening the door. Let the leg cook for 50 minutes.

Once the cooking time has passed, we will simply turn off the oven and let cool another 15 minutes. A bit of patience. The meat must remain in the oven, the door of which is not opened.

Norbert then promises us a perfect leg on the outside while remaining very soft and very juicy.

Norbert’s advice: always leave the leg of the leg to not allow the meat to dry out during cooking.

Sublimate the coconut beans

This is the tradition of the Easter meal, it shouldaccompany the coconut lamb from Paimpol.

To prepare them, here is Norbert’s solution.
We start by making a small crushed tomato.

Cook the coconuts in a broth made with onion, garlic and pork belly. We then drain the coconuts and mix them with our crushed tomatoes. Depending on taste, you can then add a little Espelette pepper.

The Chef offers usadd a handful of grated parmesan to give a more creamy appearance to the recipe.

Norbert’s advice: test this recipe with coconuts from Mollans, smaller and also tasty

Go off the beaten track

To showcase the lamb in an unexpected way, Norbert suggests that we accompany it witha dahl.

This Indian recipe is a kind of legume stew. On a base of coral lentils and coconut milk, Norbert adds many spices like green curry, coriander, lemongrass and a little lime juice.

We start by rinsing and draining the coral lentils and we prepare the onions which we will chop. Heat a bottom of olive oil in a frying pan and fry the onions and cloves of garlic, peeled and degermed.

Cook for a few moments before adding the lentils, the crushed tomatoes and the coconut milk. Add a little chicken broth and mix gently. The dish should simmer for about twenty minutes.

Norbert’s advice: a recipe to test with children who don’t like lentils

Norbert’s best memory of Easter

Before feasting, Norbert tells us about his best memory of Easter. Do not forget to protect your gardens before a possible egg hunt and Happy Easter to all.