our gourmet recipes for a romantic brunch

Valentine's Day: our gourmet recipes for a romantic brunch

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Valentine’s Day: our gourmet recipes for a romantic brunch

Bringing him breakfast in bed or preparing a gourmet brunch is a great way to please your Valentine… while enjoying this delicious moment too.

Whether you tend to zap the breakfast or whether it’s the most important meal of the day for you, Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to share some sweets with your other half, right out of bed. You do not want to get up early to prepare everything? Make your recipes the night before so that everything is ready when you wake up.

Another option: just wait the weekend to take a brunch gargantuan snuggled up against your sweetheart. After a well-deserved sleep in the morning, prepare a nice tray filled with victuals to enjoy warm under the duvet. The advantage of brunch is thatit combines two meals in one: twice as many reasons to have fun.

On the menu of your brunch, do not hesitate to mix savory and sweet dishes, the principle being to find the essential elements of breakfast (cold or hot drink, bread, pastries, cereals…) And lunch, namely a savory dish and one dessert. You can dip at leisure in our recipes to create a brunch that suits you, or take inspiration from the following suggestions.

>> Quickly discover our gourmet recipes for a romantic brunch

The gourmet brunch

A coffee and one squeezed orange juice served with toast, buns and others pastries, a Omelette to the potatoes and seasonal vegetables, and little ones chocolate cake for the dessert.

Brunch light version

A smoothie, a large bowl of home made granola-bars, a bagel with salmon and cream cheese and an exotic fruit salad, closing the meal on a note of freshness.

Brunch regressive version

A hot chocolate with some pancakes and waffles topped with spread house of ham sandwich mini-club, followed by cake-pops or French toast.

Brunch Anglo-Saxon version

A tea, scones and muffins English served with Butter and some jam, scrambled eggs at bacon and a share of cheesecake to finish.

And next year, it’s your Valentine’s day to bring you breakfast in bed!

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