Puyricard, Nespresso … who are the champions of food?

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Supermarkets, organic stores, delicatessens … the French have the choice for their food shopping. Here are their favorite signs.

Sign of good health, food franchises, pushed by innovative concepts, continue to progress: there were 195 networks at the end of 2017 against 182 in 2016, with a turnover up 10% to 21.2 billion. euros. This is particularly true of the bakery, where the competition between brands (Marie Blachère, Campaillette, Banette …) is raging. For the third year in a row, Capital has partnered with the Statista Institute to find out which companies consumers prefer for the quality of their services and advice. Picard, Biomonde, Puyricard … discover below the charts for food retailers.

Bakeries, chocolatiers, wine merchants … here are the best brands:

Click to enlarge. The ratings in the right-hand column are out of 10. They reflect the satisfaction of those interviewed with regard to the quality of the service.

Banette. Known for its famous baguette (it sells 1 million … per day!), Banette has become the largest network of independent bakers (2,600 in 2017). Founded in 1982 by millers worried about the decline in artisanal quality and the arrival of large-scale retailers, the group guarantees its members premium quality wheat flour, patented baking recipes and new ranges of specialty breads. (Banette 1900, Banette Viking …) developed in a dedicated research center, in Loiret. Banette bakeries also benefit from commercial solutions (shop fitting, merchandising) and technical solutions (visits of quality advisors, analysis laboratory, advanced training courses). Finally, to overcome the lack of manpower, Banette has its own training school, recognized by the State, which delivers in six months a professional certificate to apprentice bakers. What to ensure succession: since 1993, some 800 bakeries Banette were opened by students at the end of their training.

Louise: In full expansion (already 43 points of sale), this brand of ice cream, a subsidiary of Compagnie des desserts, has developed a format of mobile kiosks that allows it to be closer to the flow of tourists and onlookers, as this summer in Paris, the Jardin des Plantes or boulevard Haussmann, near the department stores.

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Supermarket, organic store, drive … what are the best brands?

Click to enlarge. The ratings in the right-hand column are out of 10. They reflect the satisfaction of those interviewed with regard to the quality of the service.

Hyper U: Presented for the first time in our ranking, the hypersign of the System U group has the advantage of having smaller surfaces than its competitors, in the air of the time: 6,000 m2 on average against 10 to 17,000 at Auchan or Carrefour. His strategy of bringing real trades back to the store – bakers, butchers, creamers – also seems to be paying off.

Biomonde: For the second consecutive year, this cooperative grouping 213 independent stores is ahead of the archileader of the sector, Biocoop (500 stores, 1.1 billion euros in turnover). His secret? "We have neither MDD nor central purchasing, each director makes his own orders from referenced suppliers," said Marjorie Francois, president of the grouping. Result: the offer is modeled on local expectations and habits. Located mainly in the medium-sized towns, the Biomonde stores also play the card of the accompaniment of the customers towards the bio, with numerous sessions of training of the sellers.

Chronodrive: While the 60 Chronodrive will all be renamed Auchan Drive by 2019, the supermarket food chain of the galaxy Mulliez enters our list of ranks directly in 1st place, relegating the previous number 1, E.Leclerc Drive, in third position. Its advantage? The customer relationship is decentralized at the level of each store, for more proximity.

Picard: In front of his competitor Thiriet compared to our list of last year, the leader of the frozen food (more than 1.000 points of sale, 1.4 billion euros of turnover) knew to take several turns: extension of the organic offer, home delivery, in-store catering, fresh produce (wine, cheese), community distributors, etc.

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The method of inquiry:

As in the first two editions in 2016 and 2017, the Statista institute focused on studying the degree of French satisfaction with services provided in commerce. To do this, 20,000 consumers were invited last summer to give their opinion only on the signs frequented during the past three years. Interviewed anonymously, they were able to respond independently to three questions: the attention paid to the clientele, the level of professional expertise and the desire to recommend the brand to their loved ones.

Each of the three criteria was evaluated on a scale of 0 to 10. The final grade is a summary of the results obtained. It has been rounded to two decimal places but the rank takes into account the following decimals. In total, out of a little more than 1,600 companies evaluated in 137 different sectors, 359 were awarded. It can be either a top 3 when more than ten companies have been referenced, or a top 2 otherwise.

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