Richo’s Bar Snacks | Episode guide and recipes

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Taking a new approach to finger food, Richo will unveil new snack ideas as well as clever twists on old favourites, like his garlic prawn toastie and bocconcini stuffed falafel.  Sharing his love of international cuisine Richo makes dishes inspired by countries around the world.

Our best picks from the show

Richo’s Bar Snacks premieres on Monday 19 November at 5pm. The series airs Mondays to Fridays at 5pm on SBS Food (Channel 33). After they air, episodes will stream at SBS On Demand.

Episode 1

From the Ultimate Nut Mix to the classic Americano cocktail, we introduce you to Richo’s bar with these classic bar snacks.


Bocconcini stuffed falafel

Korean pork belly skewers

Richo’s ultimate nut mix

Americano cocktail

Zucchini tortillas

Chocolate mousse tarts

Episode 2

Putting a twist on some of our favourite bar snacks Richo creates flavour packed cheeseburger spring rolls and a decadent limoncello mousse.


Cheeseburger spring rolls

Tuna and avocado crudo

Bacon-wrapped onion rings

Garlic prawn toastie

Limoncello mousse

Episode 3

How much heat can you handle? Things warm up in in the bar as Richo puts on a show with his blowtorch burgers and jalapeno cheese poppers that will separate the men from the boys.


Jalapeno cheese poppers

Blowtorch burgers

Dark N Stormy

Smoked trout dip

Pistachio crackles

Episode 4

If you’re going to spend the night in a bar you will need something substantial in your belly. Knackwurst with sauerkraut, sake clams and slow-cooked pork donuts are on the menu and are sure to impress.


Knackwurst with sauerkraut

Sake clams

Baby salami pizzas


Caeser salad flutes

Slow-cooked pork donuts

Episode 5

Pull up a bar stool and grab a drink as Richo shares his recipes for the perfect Espresso Martini, stylish oyster shooters and his favourite, maple and coffee-glazed bacon.


Pork bao

Maple and coffee-glazed bacon

Prawn taco with avocado and chilli salsa

Oyster Shooters

Wong dong noodle

Espresso Martini

Episode 6

Richo adapts a comforting family meal into the perfect bar snack (roast chicken and gravy roll) and shares the recipe for one of the bars staple ingredients, bacon jam.


Oriental mushroom and cabbage pancake

Roast chicken and gravy roll


Bacon jam

Chargrilled sweetcorn taco with spicy salsa

Episode 7

Richo serves up a triple meat Scotch egg, bacon and cheese popcorn and his irresistible rocky road.


Triple meat Scotch egg

Bacon and cheese popcorn

Rusty nail

Richo’s rocky road

Episode 8

Richo cooks up a silky scallop, mushroom and tofu custard and shares how to make some bar classics, a Dirty Martini and oysters Kilpatrick.


Butter chicken naan bread parcel

Scallop, mushroom and tofu custard

Richo’s steak sandwich

Dirty Martini

Richo’s oyster Kilpatrick

Glazed ice cream sandwich with sprinkles

Episode 9

Thai pumpkin soup, crispy pork and prawn rice paper rolls, Funky Monkey cocktails and crème brûlée shooters – Richo packs a variety of flavour across these delicious bar snacks.


Chicken yakitori

Thai pumpkin soup with gruyere toastie

Crispy pork and prawn rice paper roll

Funky Monkey

Mini pasta cabonara

Crème brûlée shooters

Episode 10

From beef tataki to tomato tartare, Richo shows that bar snacks can cater to everyone.


Salami, olive and mozzarella croquettes

Beef tataki

Japanese Slipper

Tomato tartare

Canadian butter tarts

Episode 11

“Shaken, not stirred.” Richo shares none other than his 0-0-7 James Bond cocktail and tasty sweet and spicy chicken wings.


Sweet and spicy chicken wings

Octopus, tomato and olive salad

0-0-7 (James Bond Cocktail)

Korean dumplings

Pistachio and date crackle

Episode 12

Mediterranean tarts, barbecued kingfish wings and bacon and cheese pies, Richo shows just how easy and diverse bar snacks can be.


Mediterranean tart

Barbecued kingfish wings

Bobby Burns

Bacon and cheese pies

Chicken and chilli wontons

Episode 13

No matter what you prefer, Richo shares his recipes for the perfect bar snack. Light California rolls, sticky barbecued pork ribs or comforting mac and cheese toasties, these recipes are sure to impress.


Barbecued pork ribs

California roll

Chicken leek and mushroom pot pies


Mac and cheese toasties

Episode 14

Richo serves up some of his favourite bar snacks. Quick and easy seared scallops with Vietnamese dressing, flavour packed steak tartare and a simple gooey birthday cake for one that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.


Kimchi hot dogs

Seared scallops with Vietnamese dressing

Bloody Mary

Steak tartare

Gooey birthday cake for one

Richo’s Bar Snacks premieres on Monday 19 November at 5pm. The series airs Mondays to Fridays at 5pm on SBS Food (Channel 33). After they air, episodes will stream at SBS On Demand.

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