The art and the way to make your homemade scrambled eggs

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"This preparation is undoubtedly the finest of those to which the eggs may be subjected; provided, however, that the degree of cooking is not exceeded, and that it remains soft and creamy, "wrote in his Culinary Guide, the forerunner of the modern Auguste Escoffier kitchen. But in practice, when one is not the "king of cooks" as Augustus illustrates, how to succeed them for sure? And with what to accompany them? Answers with Franklin Reinhard, owner of Eggs & Co in Paris (1).

The recipe for scrambled eggs

To start, you need eggs, yes, but how much? "Three per person," advises the restaurateur. But also, salt, pepper and heavy cream. According to the owner of Eggs & Co, "the cream is not essential but it makes the creamy preparation and the airy texture". Last ingredient not to neglect – even if the owner does not use it himself – fat. "Give priority to grape seed or sunflower oil," he advises. Then start by breaking the eggs in a salad bowl, salt, pepper and beat with a fork or with a whisk as for an omelette.

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Several cooking techniques

With regard to cooking, there are several schools. Primo, the bain-marie. "It's the most efficient technique," says the director. To do this, bring two pots of different sizes: in the largest, put the water to boil and in the smallest, the preparation. Mix for ten minutes with a whisk or fork until the desired texture is obtained. Second method possible, in the pan. Here, pour the contents of the salad bowl directly into a pan and mix without interruption. Last possibility: eggs scrambled in the microwave. Place the bowl directly in the microwave on medium power for about 1 minute and 30 seconds, stirring several times.

Which accompaniments?

If the tradition is that scrambled eggs get married with chives, at home, we put on more original recipes. For a hearty breakfast, we accompany them with fresh fruit, toast, dried tomatoes and avocado. In luxury version, try with truffles and Serrano ham. With a view to a sophisticated aperitif, one amazes his guests with these toast with scrambled eggs and bottarga; Franklin Reinhard advises them with salmon eggs. To each his recipe!

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(1) Eggs & Co, 11 Rue Bernard Palissy, 75006 Paris. Such. : 01 45 44 02 52.

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