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The best recipe for cooking

After emptying the dishwasher how many times and cooking all these daily meals in recent months, you realize how much cooking is at the heart of the house … and that it is not always optimal. Those who cook meals know this: when you are organized and the space is well thought out, it’s even better!

If the idea of ​​rethinking your kitchen surfaces after all this time spent at home, check out these 5 tips developed with Miralis to start your project well and above all to see more clearly.

1. Get inspired

To choose your new decor, first find the style you want to reproduce. When visiting friends or shopping for example, pay close attention to the materials used and note what catches your eye or what you dislike. Remember the decorations that charmed you on different sites asking why they got your attention.

Is it the style of the doors? Wood arrangement and colors? Type of backsplash? The more your sense of observation is solicited, the more you are able to explain to your designer which elements are essential for you. It’s also a crucial step in order to have a kitchen that meets your expectations.


2. Be well guided

Take advantage of the expertise of kitchen specialists who can listen to you and advise you by defining your needs: necessary storage space, type and size of work surfaces, specific lighting need, central island to support your children in their homework while preparing dinner… We adapt the ergonomics and the layout according to lifestyle of each, in order to create a custom kitchen, imagined and designed specifically for you.

Know that there is no unique recipe when the time comes to renovate the kitchen! It is essential to establish a budget, so that specialists can guide you and share the amount allocated between essentials and small additions. The investment must be well distributed, because the kitchen will follow you for several years. It must also be kept in mind that a well-thought-out kitchen increases the value of the house.

Your kitchen must be personalized according to your lifestyle. Whether your youngster is a cook at times or you are a pizza lover who wants to install a suitable surface for kneading the dough … A well thought out layout will promote everyone’s quality of life.

3. Choose the right time

Many are thinking about redoing their kitchen, but can’t find the right time to take action. With the travel projects that are on break, the next few months seem ideal for embarking on this work. Furthermore, summer is a good season renovations, since it’s easier to set up your headquarters outside to cook and eat. This allows you to start the kitchen project by being much less disturbed in its movements.

With the announced heat, we forget the conventional oven. We rather take advantage of the barbecue season to enjoy grilled meats. And with the abundance of fruits and vegetables, eating raw is a pleasure.

without cooking

4. Timeless and sustainable cuisine, goodbye to obsolescence!

We believe that a kitchen should be beautiful, good and functional for 20 years.“- Miralis

5. Favor local products

Do you favor local ingredients in your recipes? So why not do the same with the manufacturer of your kitchen? The factory of our partner Miralis is located in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. Imagine a kitchen thought and designed here. There is something to be proud of!

This article is a collaboration between RICARDO and Miralis.

* Photo credits – Miralis | © Design: FJORD Interiors, Riverhead | © Photo: Simon Couturier