The students of the BTS Social and Family Economy organized health workshops on diet, adapted physical activities and diabetes for 3 days. A blood donation campaign was carried out within the establishment.

Activities which make it possible to educate the youngest to take care of their health and which also allow students in the health sector to be actors in the future professions that await them. At the Lycée du Grand Nouméa, the food workshop begins with a small educational game: the students must complete the food pyramid. “Sweet products, that’s what you have to limit, that’s what most young people eat” they explain.

Learn to cook healthy

After having sorted the food categories according to their importance, a little detour in the kitchen workshop. “In this workshop, I will learn to cook healthily, without fat, balanced with vegetables” explains Wahnaini. She and her classmates are in first year class, they are guided by the students of the BTS social and family economy. The aim is to prepare a healthy and balanced dish here from a tin can, mixed with fresh vegetables.

food cutting workshop

© Medriko Peteisi

“It contains a lot of vegetables: carrots, cabbage, zucchini and after very little fat because we have browned the meat before and we drain it to really remove all the fat and then we reuse the fat that ‘there was in the meat to redo cook all the vegetables “ explains Morgan Alpi, in his second year of BTS ESF.

When asked if this recipe will be reproduced at home, the students seem positive. “It’s vegetables that we have at home, it’s simple and it’s quick and at least it’s balanced” launches a young girl.

Raise awareness about blood donation

In the room next door, it’s a different atmosphere. With a bullet in his hand, a needle and a tube in his arm, Florient is 19 years old, he is in prep school for business and has come to give his blood.

Finally, when giving blood, we think a little about others who need blood. A practical workshop for those who cannot go by car, who cannot afford to go by bus, who do not have the time.

– Florient

Listen to Lorna Toukiman. She is 18 years old, she is in the 1st year of BTS ESF. From 6:45 am, with her comrades, she set up a classroom to make a room dedicated to blood donations.

Initiatives launched by the students themselves in BTS ESF of the Lycée du Grand Nouméa. Future health information officers, or even social and family economy counselors. Social workers who are still lacking today in Caledonia.