The Gulf of Tunis along a train line

The National Bardo Museum.
The National Bardo Museum. Jabeur / National Museum of Tunisian Tourism

Ancient pieces at the Bardo Museum

Open at the end of the XIXe century in the former palace of the beys of Tunis, the National Bardo Museum brings together the largest collection of mosaics in the world from Roman Africa. From excavations of the various archaeological sites of the country, these pieces offer a precious testimony to everyday life in Antiquity: fishermen throwing their nets in the fishy sea, beauties smoothing their buns, hunting scenes with hounds, fights of athletes … An excellent preamble to discover the ruins of ancient Carthage.

National Bardo Museum. Entrance 4 €. TGM, Tunis Marine station, and tram N ° 4, Bardo stop.

Full of iodine at La Galite

The La Galite restaurant in La Goulette.
The La Galite restaurant in La Goulette. RPMS Agency – ANAS DRISS

A stone’s throw from the beach and the large port of La Goulette, adjoining Tunis, this restaurant with a neat setting – white tablecloths, velvet padded chairs, glass panels with screen-printed aquatic plants, old engravings – offers fish specialties and seafood cooked by chef Jamel Lassad. Among the à la carte musts: octopus carpaccio, sea bass in salt crust, grilled grouper kebabs with spices, fettucini-shrimp-boutargue-fresh tomatoes and Sunday grouper couscous.

Approx. 12 € a la carte dish. 48, Avenue Franklin-Roosevelt, in La Goulette. TGM: La Goulette station.

Eternal Rome on the site of Carthage

The Baths of Antonine, in Carthage.
The Baths of Antonine, in Carthage. Tunisian National Tourist Office

Stop at TGM Hannibal station, named after the famous Carthaginian general of the IIIe century BC J. – C., to discover the most beautiful sites of the archaeological zone of Carthage. After a stroll under the brick vaults of the Antonine Baths, which formed the largest provincial bathing complex in the Roman Empire, you climb up Byrsa Hill, overlooking the Mediterranean and the lagoon. Unique vestige of the Punic citadel destroyed by Rome in 146 BC. AD, a district found under the Roman forum reveals its houses, alleys, fragments of mosaics alongside a small museum.

€ 3 for a ticket common to all sites, valid for one day. TGM: Hannibal station.

Popular donuts at Bambalouni Sidi Bou Saïd

Every weekend, summer and winter, Tunisians come from afar and do not hesitate to queue in the rue Hedi-Zarrouk, in front of this traditional pastry shop in the village of Sidi Bou Said, to taste the famous bambalouni. Ultralight donuts in the shape of fried donuts before the eyes of passers-by and served sprinkled with sugar. The recipe for making them again on the return trip: 500 g of flour, yeast, an egg, a pinch of salt, lukewarm water and olive oil for frying.

20 euro cents each. 48, rue Hedi-Zarrouk, Sidi Bou Saïd. TGM: Sidi Bou Saïd station.

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Oriental charm at Boundless Blue House

A room at the Boundless Blue House.
A room at the Boundless Blue House. Airbnb

Perched on a balcony above the Gulf of Tunis, Sidi Bou Saïd has kept its Arab-Andalusian architecture intact: winding alleys, houses whitewashed with white, blue doors with ironwork. You can stay in charming rooms in traditional homes, such as the Boundless Blue House, built in the 19the century and tastefully renovated. Around its oriental living room, with a vaulted ceiling, are arranged two cozy bedrooms, a bathroom, an equipped kitchen and a south-facing terrace, open onto the Big Blue.

From 139 € per night for 4 to 6 people (in March). Boundless Blue House on TGM: Sidi Bou Saïd station.

On the go at café Oueld el Bey

Long ribbon of sand beaten by the waves, the beach of La Marsa remains popular with the Tunisian bourgeoisie and retains some vestiges of the past, such as the Koubbet el Haoua, a fantasy of Moorish style built in the XIXe century by the bey of Tunis to shelter glances the bathes of the reigning family. Nearby, the popular Oueld el Bey café serves delicious chawarmas on request, served hot and garnished with chicken, tuna, grilled vegetables, etc. To be enjoyed on the tables and benches on the terrace.

1 € each. 5, rue Naceur-Bey, La Marsa. TGM: La Marsa station.

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Go Return flight to Tunis from 92 € from Paris-Orly, Lyon and Nantes.
Airport taxi-Sidi Bou Saïd, from 10 to 15 €.

Pedal there To discover the ruins of the archaeological area of ​​Carthage, the young Lemon Tour team offers bikes for hire with map and booklet (from € 8 per day) or bike tours with guides.

More informations Tunisian Tourist Office.